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Fira is the much-photographed, spectacular capital of Santorini. It boasts stunning caldera views, excellent restaurants and nightlife, and an abundance of boutiques and shops. Known as the ‘balcony of the Aegean’, Imerovigli is a charming village near Fira. It is a quiet and picturesque town that can be reached by car or by an approximately 30-minute walk from Fira. The footpath runs on the edge of the cliff from where you’ll enjoy some of the island’s most fabulous vistas! Pyrgos is a quaint village situated at one of Santorini’s highest points - it offers truly unique panoramic views across the entire island. Its slightly undeveloped, narrow, winding paths, and stone homes provide a calm refuge away from the buzz of the famous caldera. Be sure to visit Oia on the northwestern tip of the caldera. This settlement is arguably one of the most stunning villages in Greece – it is definitely the most photographed! Oia boasts the best views of the caldera and truly magical sunsets. It is home to the island’s most exclusive hotels, top restaurants, and numerous boutiques and galleries.
Santorini offers numerous unique hiking trails for visitors who want to add a hint of adventure to their vacation. Here are a couple of our recommendations for footpaths around the island:

Just outside the town of Imerovigli are the ruins of Skaros Castle - the first medieval fortress in Santorini. Set on a rock on a conical peninsula, Skaros is one of the most impressive lookout points on the island. Nea Kameni is the volcanic island that sits exactly opposite the island of Santorini. This is a fairly steep rocky hike where you’ll pass through lava formations and smoking craters. Even though it’s a demanding hike, the views from the top of the island are truly breathtaking! The hike from Fira to Oia is one of the most scenic hikes in Santorini. The trail connecting these two towns takes you through some of the most beautiful and hidden locations on the island. This hike takes approximately 3 hours.
Santorini is dotted with vineyards and wineries and produces some of the world’s most distinctive wines despite its dry and seemingly infertile terrain. Megalochori and Messaria are two of the main winemaking regions in Santorini where you’ll find many family estate wineries and learn about Santorini’s unique viniculture and indigenous grape varieties.
The Fira cable car is a unique experience that will make you feel as if you’re plunging into the deep blue sea. The ride from the center of Fira to the old port takes about 3 minutes and offers jaw-dropping views of the sea and the Santorini volcano.
Located on the island’s southern peninsula, the lighthouse was built in 1892 making it one of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in Greece. It stands at the edge of a steep cliff right above the sea and serves as the perfect backdrop for blissful romantic moments.
Enjoy a sailing excursion around the island and discover its dramatic beaches, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Explore the volcanic islands and the healing thermal springs. Dive into the deep blue sea with the impressive white Cycladic buildings in the backdrop.
Sitting directly below Oia is the tiny village of Amoudi. Climb down the 215 steps (or drive down from Oia) and discover one of the smallest and most picturesque spots on the island! This colorful settlement offers beautiful views, a small harbor, and a few tavernas serving delicious seafood. You can also take a swim in the crystal-clear sea from the islet of Agios Nikolaos or rent a boat to explore the neighboring beach of Armeni.
Santorini is famed for its incredibly beautiful sunset and with so many great spots to enjoy the view as the sun goes down, here are a couple of our favorites Oia is the all-time favorite location to watch the sun go down, so find a spot on the caldera and take in the remarkable moment when the sun plunges into the serene sea of the Santorini archipelago. Some of the best views are from the Byzantine fortress at the edge of the town, however this spot can get overcrowded. Imerovigli is a great choice for admiring the Santorini sunset, due to its high elevation on the caldera, it offers amazing views and is typically less crowded. The village of Pyrgos is an off-the-beaten-path lookout spot where you can enjoy magnificent sunset views calmly and quietly. Even though it’s not on the caldera, this quaint village offers impressive panoramic views of the entire island.
Vlychada Beach
This easily accessible beach offers a one of a kind backdrop of steep white rocks and black volcanic pebbles. It offers various amenities and is ideal for families.
Location: Near Perivolos
Kamari Beach
One of the largest beaches in Santorini, Kamari is an easily accessible beach with a relaxing atmosphere. It’s organized, with black volcanic sand and ideal for families.
Location: Southeast of Fira
Perissa and Perivolos Beaches
A long stretch of black sandy beaches that is home to numerous seaside venues with a more ‘party’ atmosphere. The beaches are fully organized and offer various amenities.
Location: 13km from Fira
Kolumbo Beach
This off-the-beaten-path beach is a lovely option if you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax and unwind away from the crowds. This beach is not organized, so be sure to have your beach gear with you.
Location: Outside Oia