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True Trips in the News

More than a decade ago, Christos Stergiou founded True Greece – a luxury travel company that creates unique travel experiences to Greece. In the years that followed, the company expanded to include several other European destinations, and today True Trips spans much of Europe and the Mediterranean! Here is some of what has been written about us over the years...

  • Travel & Leisure

    How to Travel to the Greek Islands
    Published in: January 11 2017

    If you want a more in-depth look at the country, but like the idea of someone else doing all the planning, consider a location-specific travel agency such as True Greece.

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  • Condé Nast Traveler

    Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist

    Since 2008

    After growing up in Athens and on the island of Patmos, Stergiou came to the United States for college and graduate school. Now, armed with an MBA from Stanford, he’s back in Athens, giving visitors a luxe, intimate experience of unspoiled Greece. He will have you swimming in the crystal-clear waters off isolated beaches, sailing by traditional wooden boat to desert islands, joining in village celebrations, or learning how to make authentic spanakopita (minimum price per day for two people: $500).

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  • Travel & Leisure

    Travel & Leisure The A List

    Since 2009

    Based in Athens, Christos and his team craft luxury travel experiences to Greece and create lifetime memories! From the country’s highlights to its hidden gems, you will discover the very best Greece has to offer.

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  • Condé Nast Traveler

    Condé Nast Traveler

    Patmos: The Spiritual Greek Island

    Simple and elegant Petra Hotel and Suites (doubles from about £150), also in Grikos, has 11 rooms and suites. It's run by Petra and Kostas Stergiou and their son Christos, who is also the founder of specialist travel company True Greece.

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  • New York Times

    How to Have an Affordable Vacation in Greece
    Published in: June 20 2017

    A high-end vacation in Greece is within reach even if you don’t have a big budget, says Christos Stergiou, the founder and owner of TrueGreece, an Athens-based travel company selling luxury trips to Greece. “Compared to many other European countries popular with travelers, Greece is affordable, and it’s possible to have a very upscale vacation here without blowing the bank,” he said.

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  • Condé Nast Traveler

    Milos Is the Untouched Greek Island You've Been Looking For

    Published in: May 3 2017

    …I learned after digging around, and when I reached out to my old friend Christos Stergiou, who runs the luxury travel company True Greece, he told me that he was bringing Milos into his stable of destinations in 2017, due to a spike in client demand.

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  • Travel Weekly

    Published in: November 9 2015

    Christo Stergiou's 10 years in the U.S., during which he earned an MBA from Stanford Business School and worked at a Boston consulting firm, provided him with an invaluable understanding of the American traveler; they account for 90% of the customer base of his award-winning travel company, first brought to my attention by Wendy Perrin and her spot-on Wow list of destination experts.

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  • New York Times

    Tourism in Greece Remains Steady During Debt Crisis
    Published in: June 30 2015

    Christos Stergiou, the founder of TrueGreece, a Greek luxury travel company, said that his organization is trying to provide the most updated information to travelers.

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  • Condé Nast Traveler

    Morning News: With Greece in Arrears, New Travel Advice
    Published in: July 1 2015

    A little preparation should help travelers to Greece avoid major problems this summer, experts say.

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  • Huffington Post

    What Travelers Need To Know About Visiting Greece
    Published in: July 6 2015

    Greece's debt crisis is making headlines around the world, but that doesn't mean the country's tourism industry is crumbling, experts say.

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  • Town & Country Magazine

    Published in: April 2014 (Issue) 

    'Odysseus Slept Here’ A TrueGreece trip on the cover of April 2014 issue of Town & Country magazine

  • Condé Nast Traveler

    The World on Sale: 22 Trips of a Lifetime

    A nine-night extravaganza in Athens and the Greek islands, including three nights in Athens’ Hotel Grande Bretagne (Readers’ Choice Awards 2012) in a deluxe double room, three nights in Santorini at Mystique (Hot List 2008) in an Allure suite, and three nights on Crete at The Blue Palace Resort & Spa (RCA 2012) in an island luxury suite with a private heated pool.”

  • Travel + Leisure

    Published in: October 2013 (also included in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012)

    In the hands of an expert, a simple vacation can become a life-changing journey: an unforgettable adventure; a soul-restoring retreat; an education unmatched in any classroom. For our 12th annual look at the best advisers in the business, we asked these travel pros to share their latest discoveries and insider tips from around the world. Wherever your travels take you—from cruising in Antarctica to a walking safari in Zambia—we have the agent for you.

  • Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist

    Published in: August 2013 (also included in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) 

    Christos Stergiou, True Greece, Maroussi, Greece
    After growing up in Athens and on the island of Patmos, Stergiou moved to the United States for college and business school. Now, armed with an MBA from Stanford, he’s back home, giving visitors a luxe, intimate experience of unspoiled Greece. He’ll have you swimming in the crustal-clear waters of isolated beaches, sailing by traditional Greek wooden boat to deserted islands, joining in village celebrations, or learning how to make authentic spanakopita (800-817-7098).

  • Thedailybeast.com

    Published in: April, 2013 

    “The Museum Hotel is a property that has been expanding luxury in Turkey to areas beyond Istanbul,” Christos Stergiou tells me. Stergiou is the founder of True Greece (truegreece.com), one of Greece’s leading luxury-tour operators, a company that has received acclaim in Condé Nast Traveler, the Financial Times, Travel and Leisure, and many other outlets. He has recently expanded his brand to Turkey with True Turkey (trueturkey.com). “Until the last few years,” he says, “international-level luxury was largely restricted to Istanbul. Because our guests expect a certain level of comfort, it was hard for us to take them out of the city.”

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  • Condé Nast Traveler The Daily Traveler

    What You Need to Know About Traveling to Greece Now
    The intensity of the Greek debt crisis, along with clashes between protestors and police, have some travelers rethinking their plans for a Grecian getaway. We interviewed True Greece's Christos Stergiou, one of our meticulously vetted top travel specialists of 2011, to find out what travelers need to know.

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  • Departures.com

    Published in: October 2012

    ...The Location Experts...Greece: Christos Stergiou, truegreece.com

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  • Brides New York

    Honeymoons and Destinations
    Published in: Spring/Summer 2010 

    “If It Were Me…” Travel insiders who specialize in there honeymoon-worthy destinations reveal the itineraries they’d follow on their own romantic getaways. Expert: Christos Stergiou, founder of True Greece, Length of trip: 10 days, Highlights: Historical Athens, beaches of Patmos, and sunsets on Santorini.

  • The Huffington Post Destinations

    The Resilient Beauty of Greece (Photos)

    As Greece's history is truly the shared history of much of the Western world, Patmos is known as where St. John wrote the Apocalypse. Millenia later it is a "sophisticated island away from it all, and has a certain aura that people can't quite define but love," TrueGreece founder Christos Stergiou told The Huffington Post.

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  • Forbes.com

    Greece After The Fall
    Published in: October 2010 

    I asked Christos Stergiou, president of True Greece, the leading luxury travel company in Greece, how tourists are reacting, and he had the same response that I eventually began to have: People would mind if Greece changed too much.

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  • Frommer's

    Published in: February 2010 (also included in 2005-2010)

    There is no shortage of travel agencies prepared to arrange your trip to and within Greece. But a brand-new one is aiming at the high-end market. A young Greek man, Christos Stergiou, whose family runs a hotel and restaurant on the island of Patmos, started True Greece (www.truegreece.com). Christos earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees (MBA from Stanford) in the U.S. and so brings a special combination of experience and awareness to the travel business. True Greece offers several package tours that include Athens and two islands, but the agency also arranges individualized itineraries such as honeymoons.

    In addition to the finer hotels and restaurants to which True Greece directs its clients, native-born but English-speaking escorts provide more intimate views of the locales visited. Also, group size is limited to 16.

  • Condé Nast Traveler The Dream List

    Greece: Music in Athens, Wine in Santorin
    Published in: December 2009 

    The Dream Trip: "Many of the world's greatest ideas—indeed, the cornerstones of modern civilization—were born in Greece, and music is but one example. Over coffee in Athens with acclaimed Greek classical pianist Eugenia Papadimas, you'll learn how Western music inherited a number of its basic principles from ancient Greece. Did you know that Pythagoras invented the base notation musical system, or that the first keyboard was created in Greece? The specialist: Christos Stergiou, True Greece; Marousi, Greece.

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    Lost in time
    Published in: October 2009 

    Start by contacting True Greece, a travel company that design custom trips and offer access to the most authentic experiences. ISLANDS worked with True Greece founder, Christos Stergiou, who grew up on Patmos, to design this local-family-focused trip for the photo essay. www.truegreece.com

  • New York Times' T Magazine

    Rock of Ages
    Published in: May 2009 

    ...or take a seven-hour ferry from Athens on Blue Star Ferries. Since connections can be difficult to manage, consider using a knowledgeable travel agent like True Greece (800-817-7098; truegreece.com).

  • Indagare – The next generation of travel wisdom

    Behind the scenes in Greece
    Published in: January 2009 

    Christos Stergiou launched his company True Greece to help visitors explore his native country (he grew up in Athens and on the island of Patmos) in an authentic and luxurious way. “I wanted my clients to not only visit Greece, but truly experience Greece,” he says. The country has calmed down significantly since the unrests in December 2008, and Stergiou says that everyone is looking forward to moving on. Indagare spoke to Stergiou about his company’s behind-the-scenes access and what not to miss on a trip.

  • Financial Times

    Greece as Greeks live it
    Published in: November 2008 

    It is possible to remain in Athens and visit the major antiquities as a series of day trips. Another way of seeing the sites, however, and something that True Greece recommends as a way of seeing Greece as Greeks live it, is by staying in some of the minor towns near the antiquities. One in particular, Arachova, merits special consideration. It is about a 15-minute drive from Delphi and is a winter weekend destination for well-off Athenians. Draped along the slopes of Mt Parnassos, the town looks as if it belongs in Switzerland.

    The itinerary for this trip can be found on the True Greece website (www.truegreece.com). Look for the trip described as TrueAntiquity.

  • Metrosource

    Santorini: Atlantis Rediscovered
    Published in: December 2008

    Once a sleepy island best known for cherry tomatoes, Santorini has become one of Greece’s most popular island destinations...Gay travelers who want a complete vacation planned and executed with Swiss-like precision should try the Greek-owned IGLTA-member True Greece (truegreece.com). The agency books clients into either self-escorted or escorted trips with local guides and luxury hotels.

  • Stanford Business

    New Ventures
    Published in: August 2005 

    If you've ever wanted to tour Greece as only a native Greek would do, you may have your chance, thanks to a company called True Greece, the true Greek who started it, and the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, which helped him develop his business plan. Christos Stergiou, MBA '04, grew up in Greece, where he learned tourism from the family hotel business, and went to the GSB [Stanford Graduate School of Business], where he founded his new venture. Stergiou's company offers three different Greek island tours to groups of 4 to 16 people accompanied by a concierge, as well as customized trips.

    Reserve, or just daydream, at www.truegreece.com.


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