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What is TrueTrips A European Travel Experience

TrueTrips Online Luxury Travel Agency Luxury Travel to Europe

True Trips was born following the successful course of True Greece, founded by Christos Stergiou more than a decade ago. While living and working in the U.S., Christos identified a niche market for high-end, authentic travel, and in 2005 he launched True Greece – a luxury travel company that creates unique travel experiences for sophisticated travelers to Greece. In the years that followed, Christos built a team of exceptional professionals who together created a string of successful True Greece brands delivering extraordinary vacations to countries across Europe.

True Trips is a cutting edge, luxury travel company that creates meticulously designed vacations for discerning travelers. We are a team of enthusiastic travel professionals who curate authentic, tailor made, luxury travel experiences to destinations around Europe.

The True Trips website enables visitors to browse through an excellent selection of carefully handpicked destinations, luxury hotels, villas as well as tours and activities. The trip planning process begins by completing our online travel survey. Once you’ve provided us with your personal trip preferences, one of our True Trips Travel Specialists will design and send you an itinerary. Working together with your personal travel expert, we will further tailor your trip to Europe to fit your preferences. Once you are satisfied with your itinerary and payment is out of the way, your only worry will be what to pack! From this point on, your trip itinerary will be professionally executed by our highly experienced Operations team – they’ll worry about all of the fine details and meticulously sew together each piece of your unique travel experience. We’ll leave you feeling calm and relaxed knowing that your entire trip will be impeccably arranged and ready for your arrival!

Our in-depth knowledge and connection with the global travel community, coupled with your unique travel preferences, ensures a travel experience that will make you come back for more!

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