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Galway & Aran Islands

Galway & Aran Islands Vacation Packages by True Trips

County Galway is one of the most striking regions in Ireland – its barren fields, rugged coastline, and grand lakes create incredible and dramatic scenery! Galway city is a fun-loving, vibrant city that is famous for its music tradition and festivals. Home to the National University of Ireland at Galway, it is a youthful, bohemian city; its Gothic heritage is apparent in its buildings and old pubs. Located off the Galway Bay, the Aran Islands encompass much of Ireland’s ancient Gaelic culture. The Aran Islands are home to hundreds of varieties of wildflowers and numerous endangered bird species. The most popular attraction is undeniably the Dun Aengus – a prehistoric hill fort that lies on the edge of a 100-meter high cliff on the island of Inishmore. Galway and the Aran Islands are an excellent destination for visitors looking to experience the authentic culture and heritage of Ireland.