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True Antiquity True Antiquity

RomeNaples – Reggio di Calabria – Sicily

The True Antiquity vacation package is perfect for guests who want to experience the amazing history of Italy while travelling to Rome, Naples, Reggio di Calabria and Sicily in luxury. Explore some of the most important and significant Archaeological sites and Museums such as the Colosseum in Rome, the ancient sight of Pompeii just outside Naples, the magnificent Archaeological Museum of Magna Graecia in Reggio di Calabria and the Valley of the Temples in Sicily.



    Welcome to Italy

  • Rome

    3 nights

    Benvenuti in Rome – Welcome to Rome! Meet your True Italy host at the airport in Rome, and make your way to your luxury Rome hotel for your first night. Once settled into your hotel, venture outside to explore the magnificent and truly historic city of Rome. Enjoy a guided tour of all the main historic sites in the city, among them Capitoline Hill, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Discover how Rome developed from a city to an Empire and how it altered and affected world culture. We definitely recommend a visit to the Vatican to see the awe inspiring Sistine Chapel, the astonishing Basilica of St. Peter and the famous Piazza San Petro. By the end of your stay in Rome, we are certain that you will come to love this extraordinary, exciting, and truly unique city!

  • Naples

    3 nights

    It’s time to indulge and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this famous city. Once you have checked in to your luxury hotel, venture outside and explore the numerous churches of central Naples, demonstrating the various architectural styles and forms, visit the National Archaeological Museum and marvel at some of the rarest artifacts of Roman and Greek history and finally participate in a long standing Neapolitan custom – enjoy one of the cities specialties, freshly made Pizza at one of Naples authentic restaurants – this is the real stuff!. Of course a visit to Naples would not be complete without a visit to the ancient city of Pompeii. Walk through the eerie ruins of this once magnificent city where time stood still instantaneously almost 1900 years ago.

  • Reggio di Calabria

    2 nights

    Reggio di Calabria can be regarded as the doorstep to the Ancient Greek world in Italy. As a member city of the Magna Graecia, or Greater Greece Reggio di Calabria will enthrall visitors looking for an insight into one of the most significant times in history. Whether you are just passing by or enjoying the seaside ambiance for a couple of days it is imperative that you visit the splendid Archaeological Museum of Magna Graecia. This unique museum houses some of the most significant Ancient Greek works of art (outside Greece) and will definitely reward all visitors that made the journey to this significant location.

  • Sicily

    3 nights

    It’s time to visit the “family” in Sicily. Famous for their warmth and friendliness the locals will make you feel at home from the moment you check-in to your luxury boutique hotel. Whether you want to relax on the sandy beach at Cefalu, follow your experienced guide to the summit of mount Etna, admire the ruins at the Valley of the Temples or just walk through the local food market, Sicily will not disappoint. Participate in one of the many colorful festivals that take place on Sicily, try the superb local produce and try to decipher which culture has had the biggest influence on the local cuisine and culture, was it the Italians, the Greeks, the French, the Spanish or the Arabs? A pleasant conundrum that will keep you wanting for more of this wonderful Sicilian experience.

  • Rome

    1 night

    Having already explored the main sights of the city, after checking into your hotel head out to the Porta Portese flea market for some shopping, or if you are looking for something more “fashionable” make your way to the Piazza Mignanelli. You will definitely leave Italy full of wonderful memories.

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