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Puglia & Basilicata

Puglia & Basilicata Vacation Packages by TrueTrips

Forming Italy’s “heel” in the southeastern region of Italy, Puglia offers an enticing mix of pristine nature, fascinating history and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline. The capital and most important city of the region is the charming Bari, full of fascinating history, a youthful energetic atmosphere, and a superb seafood scene. Further south, the stunning town of Lecce that is often referred to as “Florence of the South” thanks to its beautiful baroque architecture is well worth exploring while in Artobello and the Itria Valley you can find the emblematic “trulli” stone huts with their distinctive conical roofs. Discover all that Puglia has to offer and feel the embrace of the warm Mediterranean sun in one of the region’s many striking beaches. Situated near Puglia, the charming Basilicata region decorates Italy’s southern coast. Compared to other Italian areas, Basilicata is usually less visited hence it is considered to be a hidden gem. Featuring stunning beaches and spectacular natural scenery, where small, picturesque villages are embedded in, the Basilicata region offers a delightfully rich traditional cuisine, rendering it undeniably fascinating! Explore the Sassi ancient cave houses in Matera, which have been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and relax under the bright sun at one of its many beaches. Taste the mouthwatering Italian gastronomy of the regions and enjoy a variety of outdoors activities, such as horse riding, scuba diving and rafting around its’ untamed natural landscape. Puglia and Basilicata are two untouched jewels that will surely amaze you!