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The Italian Lakes

The Italian Lakes Vacation Packages by True Trips

While on your Italian exploration, do not miss out on the breath-taking landscape of the Italian Lakes, where their mesmerizing natural beauty plays a protagonist role in their popularity. The crystal-clear waters reflect not only picturesque towns and villages with a backdrop of unspoiled greenery, but also offers its visitors a glance at the glorious Alps. Discover Lake Como, perhaps the most famous of the Italian Lake District, which is known to attract many visitors, as well as celebrities for good reasons. While the pristine waters of the lake spread across captivating landscapes, its shores are home to wonderful villas and neo-classical hotels decorated with magnificent gardens. Lake Garta is the largest of its group, and arguably a paradise on earth for leisure travelers and for those who love water sports and adventurous activities. Its natural formations take shape in unique ways ensuring that every corner fosters a playground for thrill-seekers. As for the second-largest lake, Lake Maggiore also represents a natural border of irresistible beauty between Italy and Switzerland. Known to have hosted a number of noble European personalities in the past, due to its amazing architecture of its charming villages gracefully embellishing the lake’s perimeter. Its visitors have the opportunity to stroll through magical surroundings and sink into absolute serenity. For those looking to step off the beaten path, Lake Orta is the perfect hidden gem due to the scarcity of large crowds within its areas. No matter, which Italian Lake you choose to visit, they will surely leave you speechless and make for the perfect ending to your Italian escapade.