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Petra Vacation Packages by TrueTrips

Hidden in a remote valley within the Jordanian desert and carved out of the red colored sandstone, the ancient city of Petra is undeniably Jordan's greatest tourist attraction and also its most valuable treasure! Famous around the world for its intricate rock carvings and exquisite details, it is still unclear when Petra was built, but this miraculous work of art first appeared “on the map” when Antigonids ransacked the city in 312 BC. Noted for their skill at excavating and carving, the Nabataeans used the red sandstone as a canvas to create homes, tombs and monuments with the most prominent being Al Khazneh (The Treasury). Over the centuries, Petra was abandoned and slowly reclaimed by the desert until all that remained was a myth in the distant memory of the local Bedouin tribes. Rediscovered in 1912, it was initially overlooked by archaeologists, however as time went by it received the recognition and attention it deserves.