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French Alps

The French Alps Summer & Ski Resorts

Renowned the world over for their crisp, stark mountain beauty, the French Alps have for decades been a premier destination for those who want to challenge their mountaineering skills. Home to the magnificent Mont Blanc, a nearly 5000 meter peak towering over its surrounding, and considered by most as the most difficult mountain in all of Europe to surmount. The French Alps are not only an appealing destination for mountain climbers, they are also a refuge for travelers seeking to escape city life, offering incredible natural landscapes and a multitude of outdoor activities, including Alpine skiing, white-water rafting, and fishing.

French Alps Highlights

  • Winter sports – ski resorts
  • Rich natural environment
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Excellent cuisine

French Alps History

Nestled along the southeastern portion of France, the French Alps are part of the stunning Alps Mountain range that as a whole are divided between eight countries. The Alps mountain range has played an integral part in the formation of Europe as we know it today; its towering peaks have prevented military invasions, and permitted the drawing of national boundaries.

Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian military genius, marched a massive war party including elephants through the French Alps and into Italy. However, the importance of these idyllic mountains does not lie in ancient times, as throughout history, rulers and luminaries alike have enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and clean mountain air of these awe-inspiring peaks.

Spared from much of the destruction of World War II, the French Alps were used as a refuge by those fleeing Hitler and Vichy France. Following the war, the Alps continued to be popular among adventurous travelers, while in the 1950's and 60's it became much easier to access the isolated mountain terrain. This ease led to a boom in tourism, from those searching for an escape from the crowded Riviera, as well as the courageous adventurers that wanted to conquer Mont Blanc. Since the late 1980's, travel has skyrocketed in the French Alps and these magnificent peaks continue to offer eclectic and exciting mountain experiences.