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Travel to Europe - Europe Vacation Packages


Travel Planning

1. Can True Trips design a custom trip to more than one country?

Yes. Combining travel to more than one of our True Trips destinations is an excellent choice. Please contact a True Trips Travel Expert for further details by email at info@truetrips.com, or when completing our customized travel survey inform us that you would like to travel to more than one country and we will design your itinerary accordingly.

2. What does True Trips need from me to begin a proposal for a customized trip?

We ask all of our potential guests to complete our customized travel survey. This will provide us with all of the important information we need in order to design a trip that best suits your needs and preferences.

3. Do you arrange for honeymoon trips?

Yes. True Trips offers unforgettable customized honeymoon packages for this special occasion. Please visit our Romance customized trips section for details about how True Trips can plan your ideal honeymoon to some of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

4. Does True Trips book "hotels only"?

No. True Trips is dedicated to offering complete experiences based on authenticity and intimacy. We feel that if we were to book only hotels, our guests would truly miss out on the True Trips guidance that enables them to fully experience a destination’s local culture and beauty.

5. What constitutes a private group? Does True Trips arrange group tours that I can join?

No. All of our itineraries are created individually for each request we receive. Whether you plan to travel solo, as a couple, with family or a group of friends, True Trips will work with you to design a customized trip tailored to your specific needs and interests. In order to begin planning, please complete our customized travel survey and we will design your itinerary accordingly.

6. Is airfare included in the True Trips programs? Can I book my international flight through True Trips?

The price we provide you for your trip does not include your international arrival and departure airfare. Although we would be more than happy to book your international flight, we encourage you to make these arrangements on your own. Based on experience, not only will you receive a much better rate by purchasing your international airfare in the country you depart from, you will also have more flexibility and control of your choices.

All domestic transfers as per your itinerary will be included for you, as well as any flights within Europe in case you combine two or more countries during your trip.

7. I have a walking limitation. Can I participate in a True Trips tour?

Participants in a True Trips itinerary must be ambulatory so that they can get on/off cars, air planes, trains and ferries. Depending on the location, some hotels have a large number of steps without the presence of elevators. Additionally, some hotel stairs are narrow. Some more remote locations (like islands and small villages) often have rough pavement and a large number of steps. If you are concerned about accessibility, please feel free to get in touch with one of our True Trips Travel Experts by email at info@truetrips.com or by telephone at 1-800-817-7098.

8. Does True Trips work with travel agents?

Yes. Working with a travel agent can enhance your trip by providing you with information and advice not available on our website. True Trips has relationships with some of the best travel agents globally and would be pleased to work with yours.

9. What is the activity level on a True Trips itinerary?

Our travel programs are of a potentially moderately rigorous nature, but definitely not strenuous. Depending on the destinations included in your itinerary, your trip may include air, ferry, train and car transfers, but you will not feel overwhelmed by the quantity of travel. Our trips are not a forced march and always allow for plenty of free time. Scheduled activities are not mandatory, except of course for transfers between destinations. In order to fully enjoy the experience in southern Europe, travelers must be physically able to endure warm temperatures, while certain activities in any True Trips destination may require physical endurance.

When filling out our customized travel survey we strongly advise that you mention your concern regarding any accessibility issues so that your True Trips Travel Expert can make appropriate adjustments and recommendations to your itinerary.

10. What accommodations are used for True Trips itineraries?

True Trips uses only the finest upscale hotels in each destination included in your itinerary. All of the hotels in our portfolio are considered to be among the best hotels in Europe. Excellent quality of accommodation, location, service, and hotel management are all evaluated when selecting a hotel affiliate.

11. Are the hotels air-conditioned?

Yes. All True Trips affiliate hotels are fully air-conditioned.

12. Do all hotels have non-smoking rooms?

Some of the hotels included in the True Trips portfolio have specific non-smoking rooms; however, some boutique hotels do not have specific non-smoking rooms because they are small establishments with a limited amount of rooms. If non-smoking rooms are requested, the hotels will be informed so that the rooms are cleaned to a non–smoking standard.

13. Why should I spend one night at the beginning in my arrival city and one night at the end of my trip?

We always suggest spending at least one night in the city you arrive in, and one night at the end of your trip. This allows for a stress-free arrival and departure. Any delay you may experience from your international flight may mean that you run the risk of missing your connecting flight, train or ferry. If you wish to make a direct connection from your international flight to another location, you will have to accept the risk involved even though we have advised you against it.

14. What type of meals are included in a True Trips customized trip?

Part of exploring a country and its traditions means discovering local cuisine. For this reason, True Trips does not include daily pre-paid meals. Instead, in each of our destinations we have carefully selected a variety of restaurants, ranging from traditional to upscale, so that you are able to fully enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience on your own. True Trips does offer pre-paid meals at a variety of excellent restaurants. If you have selected to include one or more pre-paid meals at one of our affiliate restaurants, we generally do not limit the menu choices except on rare occasions; in most cases, you will make an unrestricted selection from the restaurant's menu. If your itinerary includes pre-paid meals, you will receive a True Trips restaurant voucher to present to the restaurant and will only be responsible for paying the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages that you order. No other payment will be necessary on your part.

15. I will be traveling to various countries on a cruise, what travel documents do I need?

We advise all of our guests to consult the appropriate governmental agencies and embassies to determine applicable requirements. True Trips will assist in providing information to guests, but assumes no responsibility for advising guests of entry requirements. Cruise companies may refuse to embark or disembark a guest in the event that required documentation is not presented and shall have no liability whatsoever for a refund.


1. What are True Trips’ office operating hours?

Our offices are open weekdays Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern European Time (EET), on Fridays from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm EET, and we are closed on the weekends. We do accommodate emergency calls for our guests when needed outside of our regular office hours. We would be happy to speak with you by phone in order to provide additional information - please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-817-7098 (dialing from the US) or at +30-210-61-20-656 (dialing from Greece or elsewhere).

2. What is the difference between TrueTrips and TrueGreece?

There is no difference – we are the same team! True Trips is the single brand that describes our company as a whole. True Trips was born following the successful course of True Greece, founded by Christos Stergiou more than a decade ago. To learn more about us as a company, please visit What Is True Trips.

Booking your Trip

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

True Trips accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. A direct deposit option is also available

2. How can I book my trip?

Once you are ready to secure your trip, there are two options for you to choose from:

1/ Credit Card Payment in Euro (Expedited Booking): Please use our online payment option for secure payment by credit card - you can book your trip simply by clicking the “Book My TrueTrip” button in your preferred itinerary. If you need guidance or have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-817-7098.

Having charged your card, we will move ahead with placing your reservations and start the execution process. Note, this option does not include the cash discount outlined in your itinerary and thus the total price will be adjusted by waiving the 3% discount. Paying by credit card is a great option if you collect points, or if your credit card provider offers travel insurance – a couple of extra bonuses to keep in mind! We accept all major credit cards.

2/ Direct Deposit in US Dollars: If you would like to take advantage of the discounted trip cost by paying through a direct deposit, please give us a call at 1-800-817-7098 to provide us with your credit card details (only as a guarantee for your booking), and following our conversation we will email you the details on how to proceed with making a direct deposit in USD to our Bank of America account. In this case, only once we confirm receipt of your bank deposit will we proceed with placing your reservations and start executing your trip.

3. Should I purchase travel insurance?

We strongly advise our guests to purchase a travel insurance package that best fits their needs and recommend considering a policy that includes a “Cancel For Any Reason” option.

Ready to Travel

1. What is a True Trips Welcome Package and when will I receive it?

A True Trips Welcome Package has all of the details of your trip, including your tickets, transfer information, and tour and activity schedules. It also includes all of our recommendations and tips for each of the destinations included in your itinerary. Your Welcome Package will be given to you by the driver that meets you upon your international arrival. Some travel itineraries require that we send a Welcome Package to our guest’s home address via courier, in which case they are typically received two weeks before the trip starts.

2. What is a True Trips Recommendation Guide?

In an effort to offer our guests a local’s perspective in each destination, our Recommendation Guides are provided exclusively to our guests in order to complement their tailor made travel experience. Written and designed by our destination experts, for sophisticated travelers who are looking for an authentic experience, these guides cover the history, feel, and local discovery routes of each location included in your trip itinerary.

In Country Travel

1. Are there any special security measures relative to my airline travel?

As of November 2006 all flights within the European Union (including domestic flights within a given country) are subject to the security measures concerning liquids and travel baggage arrangements. These security measures apply to all airports within the EU, with no exceptions.

Due to the extremely strict security measures there are restrictions on the quantity of liquids (if any) that can be taken through the security check points. For further information please visit the US Transportation Security Administration web page on transportation and airport security (www.tsa.gov) or consult the equivalent authority in your home country.

2. Are there any restrictions with regard to bringing specific foods or plants back from holiday?

Before traveling please contact the United States Department of Agriculture (www.usda.gov) or the equivalent authority in your home country for detailed information on personal food and plant imports.

3. What transportation means are used for transfers?

For scheduled True Trips transfers, our guests always travel comfortably with up-to-date, fully air conditioned, and clean vehicles appropriate for the territory, itinerary and number of people in the guests' party.

For air travel, we use airlines with modern aircrafts ranging from the Boeing 727, 737, 777 Airbus A200, A320, A330, and where appropriate BAe Avro RJ 100 to twin turboprop aircraft like the ATR 72 or BAe Jetstream 3102.

For ferry travel, we use comfortable, large, modern commercial ferries. We also use modern high-speed boats, hydrofoils, or catamarans where appropriate.

For train travel, we use modern high-speed trains.

Note, for domestic flights, ferry and trains we always book economy class tickets. If you would prefer to travel in business class, let us know during the planning stage of your trip and we will be happy to make the appropriate arrangements for you.

4. Do I need an international driver’s license in order to drive in Europe?

Although laws do vary from country to country, if you plan to drive in Europe we suggest that you have a valid International Driving Permit from your home country.

In the US, the U.S. Department of State has authorized two organizations to issue international permits to those who hold a valid U.S. driver's licenses: The American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance. For more information, please visit the AAA website: http://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpc.html. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check with the equivalent authority in their home country for up-to-date information.

5. Can I rent a car or motorbike through True Trips?

No. Due to complex legal issues True Trips is not able to book rental cars for its guests.

6. Are credit cards and debit cards widely accepted in Europe? Should I bring cash with me?

Credit cards and debit cards are widely used in Europe for restaurants and shops. Visa and Mastercard are more widely accepted; American Express and Diners are not as widely accepted. Discover Cards are not typically accepted. Because you will also visit smaller towns and villages that may only accept cash, we always recommend carrying a small cash balance with you.

There are typically an abundance of ATMs in each destination so that withdrawing cash is not a problem. We recommend consulting with your bank before your departure to ensure that you will be able to withdraw money from an ATM machine while in Europe and that no fees apply.

7. Should I carry identification (ID) with me when in Europe?

You are required at all times to carry an official piece of photo ID while in Europe. We recommend carrying your official Driver’s License or another piece of official photo identification. We do not recommend carrying your official passport with you and you may like to store these documents in your hotel’s safety deposit box. Considering common travel practice, we always recommend carrying with you at all times, a photocopy of your passport, ticket details, travel insurance, hotel address etc., as well as a 24-hour emergency contact number.

8. Are vaccinations required for travel to Europe?

Even though there are currently no vaccination requirements for an international traveler to enter Europe, we recommend checking with your home country’s National Center for Infectious Diseases. In the US, the most up-to-date information for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) can be found at www.cdc.gov. Please let us know if you have a physical disability or require frequent or on-going medical attention. Please advise True Trips of your health situation at the time you book or at the onset of any new condition prior to your departure.

9. Is English widely spoken in Europe?

English is spoken throughout Europe and especially within most major tourist areas. All True Trips staff, guides and affiliates are fluent in English. However, do keep in mind that you may venture off to more remote regions at some point during your trip where communicating in English with the locals may be challenging.

10. What is the permitted luggage for domestic flights within Europe?

The checked baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers is 1 piece of baggage, the total weight of which cannot exceed 50 pounds (23 kg). Each Economy Class passenger may carry on board the plane 1 item of hand luggage, weighing in the range of 12-25 pounds (6-12 kg). For further details that may be determined by your allocated carrier please contact True Trips for details once you have finalized your trip.

11. How easily can I get a WIFI connection in Europe?

Connecting to WIFI is typically quite easy throughout Europe, with the exception of more remote locations or smaller towns. Most of the hotels included in the True Trips portfolio do offer wireless connection.

12. How can I call home from Europe? How can I be contacted in Europe from home?

The international telephone code for the United States is 001 followed by the area code and phone number. Please do not forget when calling home that destinations in Europe are several hours ahead of US time depending on the specific state. Although you may call from the hotel please keep in mind that there may be a significant surcharge for international calls. For specific hotel contact information please visit the hotel website or contact True Trips.

13. Will I be able to use my mobile phone while in Europe?

The mobile phone operators in Europe use a GSM network so if your cell phone is compatible you should be able to use your mobile phone while in Europe through roaming. We strongly recommend that you contact the customer service department of your mobile telecommunications provider and inquire about switching on this function and any additional charges associated with this feature.

14. Can I flush toilet paper in Europe?

In the majority of cases, the answer is yes. However, there are some places where you should avoid disposing of any hygienic products in the toilet. These include almost all areas in Greece and Turkey, as well as some locations in Portugal, Italy, France and Spain. Typically there is a sign posted in the bathroom that will prompt you to use the waste basket instead of the toilet, but a safe rule of thumb would be to ask, especially when on islands or in small rural towns. These bins are emptied by cleaning staff regularly so you don’t need to worry about the potential of any unhygienic issues.


Travel Planning

1. What travel documents do I need in order to travel to France? Do I need a travel visa?

France is within the Schengen area. U.S. and Canadian citizens may enter the Schengen area for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. The passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay. Non-US or Canadian citizens should contact the appropriate French consulate for information on necessary documents required. The above requirements are subject to change at any time. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check with the equivalent embassy and its consulates for up-to-date information.

2. When is the best time of year to visit France?

The best time of year to travel to France depends on your personal travel preferences. Travel during the Spring (April, May and early June) offers moderate temperatures comfortable for touring with thinner crowds and perhaps occasional rain. Summer time travel (mid-June, July, August, September) offers warm temperatures perfect for swimming, and warm evenings. Autumn and Winter (October through March) have lower temperatures with some rain, and in the mountainous regions light snow that is perfect for winter activities.

3. What is the weather one can expect in France?

Average Daily Temperature by month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Paris 37 37 45 50 57 63 66 66 59 52 43 39
Alsace        34 36 41 46 53 59 64 62 58 49 42 35
Corsica       46 46 48 54 61 68 72 72 66 63 54 48
Marseille     45 46 51 56 64 70 75 74 70 62 52 46

Maximum Average Daily Temperature by Month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Paris 43 46 52 59 64 72 75 75 70 61 50 45
Alsace 38 43 48 54 63 69 73 72 68 58 47 39
Corsica 55 55 57 63 70 77 81 81 75 70 63 55
Marseille     52 54 59 66 75 79 84 84 79 70 59 54

Minimum Average Daily Temperature by Month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Paris 36 36 41 45 50 55 59 59 55 48 41 37
Alsace        30 32 34 37 42 50 53 52 48 42 37 31
Corsica       37 37 39 45 52 57 61 63 57 54 45 39
Marseille 37 39 43 46 54 61 66 64 61 54 45 39

Source: Internet

In Country Travel

1. What is the local currency in France?

The official currency of France is the Euro.

2. Is it safe to drink tap water in France?

Tap water is suitable for drinking in most locations in France, although we do recommend asking when in smaller towns. It is not recommended to drink tap water on the islands.

3. Is it safe in France?

France is considered to be safe with a relatively low rate of street crime, however as in other large metropolitan and tourist areas throughout the world, common street crimes including pick-pocketing and purse snatching do occur. All True Trips guests should always exercise caution and good judgment when visiting foreign locations. For detailed and up to date information please visit the US Department of State website - France Country Specific Information.