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The True Trips Team

Planning A Trip to Europe

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Founder & CEO

"When I started my company more than a decade ago, I had a vision to change luxury travel in Greece -little did I know that this would grow into True Trips and include travel to several countries across Europe!

What makes me most proud is the feeling I have after reading testimonials from our guests. Their heart-felt words of gratitude for the experience they’ve had under the unique guidance of True Trips is a reflection of the immense efforts of the talented people with whom I have the pleasure of working, and who invariably share the same vision of granting our guests real happiness."

Travel Planning

Your True Trips experience begins with our Travel Planning Team of Experts! Once you have completed our travel survey – telling us all about your travel preferences – one of our travel experts will custom design your trip to Europe just for you! Working one-on-one, your personal expert will further tailor your trip, selecting from our carefully handpicked destinations, luxury hotels, villas, as well as tours and activities, so that your itinerary meets your individual travel style. Part of what we love most about the travel planning experience is that we really get to know each of our guests and this enables us to plan their trip to Europe in the same way that we would plan it for our friends and family.

Our Travel Planning Experts

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Travel Planning Manager
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Travel Expert
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Travel Expert
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Travel Expert

Once you are satisfied with your customized trip itinerary and ready to confirm your arrangements, your Travel Expert will put you in touch with our Operations Team and our experienced Concierges. From this point on, your trip to Europe will be professionally executed – our Concierges will worry about all of the fine details, meticulously sewing together your unique travel experience. We will leave you feeling calm and relaxed knowing that your entire trip will be impeccably arranged and ready for your arrival! Even once you’ve arrived, our Operations Team is behind the scenes making sure that every detail of your trip flows to perfection. Our Concierges are your ‘go to’ people while you’re on the ground! Since we are in Europe, they are always just a phone call away and ready to help you with whatever you might need during your trip.

Our Operations Team

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Operations Lead
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Travel Product

Seek and you shall find! Our Travel Product Team methodically searches, skillfully selects, and thoroughly tests all of our destinations, luxury hotels, villas, tours and activities, as well as recommended restaurants and local must-see spots and experiences. They stay ‘in the know’ of all the necessary products and services needed for your Travel Planning Expert to perfectly tailor your trip to Europe to your individual travel style. Even though we’re on a constant hunt for new and innovative ideas, we always listen to the valued feedback of our past guests in order to improve our current offerings. No matter what, we are true to our philosophy of providing authentic and luxurious travel experiences.

Our Travel Product Team

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Travel Product Lead
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Travel Product Expert
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Travel Product Support
Corporate Support

The people with many hats – our Corporate Team is made up of professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in just about everything! Like a coach who knows what’s happening every step of the way, keeping the entire team on the move and in perfect flow, our Corporate Team keeps all of our company’s moving pieces in order. They oversee and manage things like human resources, PR, web and tech support, and much more. Our Corporate Team’s best skill by far is knowing what hat to wear and when!

Our Corporate Support Team

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Executive Manager
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Corporate Support
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Corporate Support

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