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Jordan Tour Travel to Ma'In Dead Sea Jordan Aqaba

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Ma'in - Dead Sea Jordan - Aqaba

We recommend our True Repose vacation package to guests who wish to leave behind their everyday lives and just relax in authentic and unspoiled surroundings. This luxury vacation provides a combination of beautiful natural landscapes, rich experiences, and peaceful relaxation. Swim in the hot natural waters of Ma’in, cascading from the mountains in beautiful waterfalls and collecting in multiple rock pools, float in the calming waters of the Dead Sea and cover yourself in its rejuvenating mud, or just enjoy the exquisite spa and wellness facilities at the luxury seaside resorts in Aqaba.

    Welcome to Jordan

  • Ma'in

    2 Nights

    Welcome to Jordan! Meet your True Jordan host at the airport in Amman, and make your way to Ma’in. After checking-in to your boutique resort hotel, head out to explore this little oasis hidden amidst the desert rocks. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the smell of moist flora and the humidity of the hot springs makes this the perfect place to relax and decompress. Follow the various trails and paths and discover some of the sixty three springs and waterfalls scattered around this magnificent landscape. Sit in the warm pools and allow the natural therapeutic properties of the water to work their magic – find your ideal spot and allow the soothing surroundings to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your body and soul.

  • Dead Sea Jordan

    3 Nights

    Welcome to your luxury Dead Sea hotel! Once you’ve settled in, put on your swimming gear and head to the beach for one of the most exhilarating and peculiar experiences of your life as you step into the deep blue waters of the Dead Sea and float on the surface if you weighed nothing! Swimming is impossible, so float around or cover yourself with the sea’s therapeutic mud. Either way you will leave feeling rejuvenated by the end of the day. Venture outside your hotel resort to explore the settlement of Bethany where it is believed that John the Baptist baptized Jesus and visit the ancient remains that include structures dating back to the 1st Century AD. Continue your exploration with the desert castles that dot the Jordanian landscape. Built by the early Islamic Umayyad Caliphs, castles such Qasr Amra, Qasr Kharaneh and Qasr Azraq are beautifully preserved samples of Umayyad Art and architecture. By the end of your visit to the Dead Sea, we are confident that you will continue your journey through Jordan feeling relaxed and thoroughly rejuvenated!

  • Aqaba

    3 Nights

    Known for its quaint beaches and vibrant coral reefs, Aqaba is a city bursting with life that affords its visitors with a welcome distraction from the usual mountainous desert terrain of Jordan. After checking-in to your resort hotel, head to the beach to relax and soak-in the warm Jordanian sun. Enjoy the various water sports or spend the day on the water exploring the colorful reefs! Take a stroll through the seaside promenade, explore some of the city’s shopping and residential districts filled with lively and colorful streets and enjoy the beautiful seaside atmosphere. Discover the fascinating history of this seaside city, walk around the famous Aqaba fortress and wander through the small yet fascinating Aqaba Archaeological Museum. After taking in the history, sea, sun and sand, stop at one of the many local restaurants and sample the city’s authentic culinary scene rife with creative and innovative offerings!

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