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Cesme & Izmir

Cesme & Izmir Vacation Packages by TrueTrips

Meaning ‘fountain’ or ‘spring’ in Turkish, Cesme is a popular sun and beach town surrounded by clear blue seas, a beautiful Mediterranean Riviera, and great escapes including Ilica and Alacati. The esteemed location of wealthy Izmirian country homes as well as a retreat for the Istanbul elite, this coastal town in the Aegean Region has become one of Turkey’s prominent centers of international travel and tourism. Cosmopolitan Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey situated in the western part of the country overlooking the pristine Aegean Sea. The city and its immediate region’s history go back to 7000 BC, while in the 2nd millennium BC, the area was on the fringe of the Hittite and Luwian kingdoms. Nowadays, mostly known as an urban center, this fascinating city is ready to welcome visitors who wish to explore the Turkish history and culture, discover culinary treasures in the plethora of restaurants that highlight the traditional Turkish cuisine and relax along its coastal areas.