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Sliema & St. Julian's

Sliema & St. Julian's Vacation Packages by True Trips

Sliema and the coastline up to neighbouring St. Julian's constitute Malta's main coastal resort. Once quiet villages, Sliema and the adjacent St. Julian’s are now lively tourist resorts. Connected by a seafront promenade, they include chic residential areas, upmarket hotels, fashionable shops and vibrant nightlife. Historically Sliema has been considered a desirable place to live with its stylish villas, traditional Maltese townhouses, sophisticated bars and rocky beaches. Neighbouring St. Julian’s is a combination of old-world charm with new-world amenities; it offers a wide selection of excellent restaurants and waterfront cafes, as well as luxury hotels, and a vibrant nightlife. Sliema and St. Julian's perfectly combine to offer an authentic Maltese vacation experience!