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Loire Valley

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Called the “Garden of France” because of its vast vineyards, fruit orchards, artichoke and asparagus fields, the Loire Valley is located in central France and has been a traveler’s paradise for centuries. Famed for its rich history, magnificent chateaux, charming historic towns and impressive architecture, the whole Loire Valley is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Used as a country retreat for city dwellers for ages, there are a vast number of chateaux and estates, many of which are protected and now used as museums. Gourmands will fall in love with this region of France not only because of its rich culinary history, but also for its well known wines.

Loire Valley Highlights

• Rich history
• Religious significance
• Historical landmarks
• Traditional restaurants
• Excellent cuisine

Loire Valley History

The Loire Valley has been continuously settled since the Paleolithic age, and due to its location and rich natural resources has been continuously fought over and influenced by a variety of adversaries. Home to grand cities as Orleans and Tours, both the Romans and the Crusaders struggled for the support of the regional rulers, as a needed source of wealth and prestige. Despite its beauty and tranquility, the Loire River has long been a strategic diamond in the crowns of would be conquerors; this artery that runs directly through the valley, enabling transit across the whole of central and northern France, has seen its share of warfare among English, German, and Norman invaders. The city of Orleans, for instance, long noted as one of the most beautiful in France, saw widespread destruction during the German Third Reich's occupation of France. Today the Loire Valley is described as one of the most beautiful and historically rich regions of France.