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Dolomites Italy Ski Resorts in Italian Dolomites

A favorite winter destination, the “Dolomites” were named after French mineralogist Gratet de Dolomieu, who was the first person to describe the carbonated rock – made from mineralized coral that gives the mountains their distinctive form and color. This beautiful mountain location offers visitors the ability to enjoy winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or hiking as well as providing nature lovers with the possibility of seeing rare flora and fauna.

Dolomites Highlights

• Winter Sports – Ski Resorts
• Interesting Wildlife
• Traditional cuisine
• Stunning lanscapes

Dolomites History

Due to the difficult living conditions in the mountains, the history of the Dolomites is limited to the First World War, where the front line between the Italians and the Austro Hungarians ran through the mountains. Apart from the open air war museums, there are several protected paths that run across the Dolomites and attract a great deal of visitors. In recent years the Dolomites have become a hot spot for winter sports enthusiasts, due to the unique offering of great ski facilities with astounding views. Nature enthusiasts also frequent the Dolomites due to the various walking and hiking paths, which may bring travelers face to face with protected species such as the chamois mountain antelope. Modern and boutique accommodations throughout the area allow visitors to enjoy the surroundings in luxury.