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Lugano Vacation Packages by TrueTrips

Lugano is in Ticino, Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton with a distinct culinary, wine and cultural scene and one cannot miss the casinos and the great variety of day excursions at easy reach! Just a short trip from Milan, yet safely over the border in Switzerland, Lugano and its tourism bloomed in the 19th-century when the elegant lakefront hotels were built. Together with Zürich, they have a comparable (and a very large!) number of banks, but the people of Lugano choose “la dolce vita” and share an Italian mentality a lot more than a Swiss one.

Lugano is conveniently located at the intersection of the Gotthard Panorama and the Bernina Express — two of Switzerland's more scenic train rides. From Lugano, travelers can set to use the funicular to explore the town or the excellent train transport to head to picturesque villages and UNESCO masterpieces. Such is the tiny village of Brè or even Lake Maggiore crossing over at the Italian border! For the wine lovers, various food and wine tasting events are offered throughout the year by the local wine producers. The local Merlot is not to be missed!