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Discover the Natural Beauty of Mystras
The lush, mountainous landscape of Mount Taygetus lends itself well to activities like hiking, trekking, and climbing. Discover beautiful paths and trails that will take you through verdant forests, charming small villages and bucolic monasteries.
Location: Mystras
Take a Stroll Through Nafplio Town
Exploring the narrow streets of Nafplio is one of the most engaging walks in Greece. Lose yourself among the vibrant and colorful neoclassical houses and take in the multitude of historical monuments and statues spread across the city. You may also consider taking a private walking tour through the city and watch history unfold before your eyes.
Location: Nafplio
Visit the Fougaro
Formerly an industrial factory, the Fougaro is located just 3 km from the center of Nafplio. It has recently been converted into a multi-purpose cultural space and includes a library of art and humanitarian studies, exhibition and concert rooms, an art workshop for the young and old, an art shop, as well as a cafe. If you’re looking to experience the contemporary artistic side of Nafplio, Fougaro is an excellent place to visit.
Location: Nafplio
Visit the Vineyards of Nemea
Located just about 40 minutes northwest of Nafplio, Nemea is home to the vast Nemean vineyards and about 40 different wineries. The region is famous for its red grape variety known as Agiorgitiko and produces a wide range of different wines. Consider a private tour of Nemea’s vineyards to learn about and sample some of Greece’s finest wines.
Location: Nafplio
Visit the Town of Pylos
The modest port town of Pylos can be a pleasant place to spend some hours walking about the streets and then settling into one of the cafes or restaurants in the main square or along the harbor. The trees and coffee tables scattered in the town square create a picturesque and appealing setting for relaxing moments of leisure.
Location: Pylos
Explore the Ruins of Paleokastro
From the small channel of Divari, follow the easy path that leads to the impressive Paleokastro. On the way, enjoy the stunning scenery of the coast of Sfaktiria and shallow turquoise waters, as well as the legendary crossing of Sikia. The Paleokastro was built by the Franks in the 13th century on the ruins of the ancient citadel, and according to tradition, ancient building materials were used for its construction. Enter through the gate and can climb up to the impressive ramparts to enjoy a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Bay of Pylos, Sfaktiria, Yalova and the Messenian mountains!
Location: Pylos
Visit the City of Kalamata
Kalamata can be a nice change of pace if you are looking for a more urban environment in Messenia. Walk through the city center and browse through the various shops that are spread across the main street or settle in one of the many charming cafes and restaurants. Alternatively, head towards the harbor and find yourself a leisurely spot overlooking the Messenian bay and Mount Taygetos.
Location: Pylos
Discover the Cave of the Lakes
Explore the cave’s galleries to discover hidden lakes and an otherworldly forest of stalactite and stalagmite structures. The Cave of the Lakes is a site of spectacular beauty that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Kalavrita.
Location: Kalavrita
Visit the Grand Vouraikos Gorge
The Vouraikos river flows through this impressive deep gorge of dense vegetation, steep cliffs, waterfalls, and caves. Discover the lush green forest, drive alongside steep cliffs, or take the rack railway through the canyon - whatever your choice of exploration, you will be astounded by the area’s unique natural beauty.
Location: Kalavrita
Stroll Through the Town of Kalavrita
Enjoy a leisurely walk through the town’s paved pedestrian streets and feel invigorated as you breathe the area’s fresh alpine air. Make your way towards the town’s center and let your senses come alive to the discreet notes of burning firewood, picturesque little shops, and inviting restaurants.
Location: Kalavrita
Hike the National Park of Helmos
The Natural Park of Helmos is a great hiking experience. It is characterized by extraordinary biodiversity and it is home to some of Greece’s most endangered animal species.
Location: Kalavrita
Walk Through the Forest of Strofilia
Explore the forest of Stofilia, a large pine forest that separates Lake Prokopos from the Ionian Sea. The forest of Strofilia together with the adjacent Kotychi Lagoon form a fascinating mosaic of natural habitats and diverse geological features.
Location: Kalavrita
Romanos Beach
A large stretch of sandy coast with crystal clear waters near the Costa Navarino Resort. There are parts that are organized where you can rent sunbeds and an umbrella for a fee as well as parts that are free of amenities.

Type: Some parts organized and some parts free
Location: North of Pylos, about 2.3 miles outside Costa Navarino
Divari Beach
In the bay of Navarino overlooking the town of Pylos, Divari Beach offers both organized and free areas to enjoy your swim in its delightful waters.

Type: Some parts organized and some parts free
Location: North of Pylos, about 5.5 miles outside Costa Navarino
Voidokilia Beach
One of the most iconic beaches in the area, Voidokilia beach is not organized, but the waters and the view are both spectacular.

Type: Not organized
Location: North of Pylos, about 3.7 miles outside Costa Navarino
Beach in Porto Heli
Located in the town of Porto Heli, this small sandy beach is well organized and offers a wonderful view of the “tower of Elli”.

Type: Organized
Location: In the bay of Porto Heli
Costa Beach
Known for its clear shallow waters and fine sand, this beach is an ideal option if you’re traveling with children.

Type: Organized
Location: In the village of Costa, outside Porto Heli
Limanakia is made up of two picturesque bays. One is a pebbled beach with shallower waters that is great for children while the other has golden sand and deeper waters in shades of deep blue.

Type: Organized including watersports options
Location: In Agios Emilianos, southeast of Porto Heli
Hrissi Akti
This off-the-beaten path beach offers a mixture of sand and pebbles with shallow crystalline waters. No amenities are available so make sure to bring everything you need with you.

Type: Off-the-beaten-path
Location: In Agios Emilianos, southeast of Porto Heli
Surrounded by trees and offering beautiful turquoise colored waters, Kiparissia beach is ideal for enjoying a swim away from the crowds.

Type: Off-the-beaten-path
Location: Northwest of Porto Heli