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The cultural riches and natural beauty of the Peloponnese can hardly be overstated. From the mighty Bronze Age palaces of Pylos and Mycenae so prominently featured in the Homeric epics, to the venerable site of ancient Olympia that gave birth to the Olympic games, to the engineering marvel that is the immaculately preserved Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, to walk on the soil of the Peloponnese is to walk on history itself. Discover ancient wonders and medieval treasures like the citadel of Mystras sitting amidst a resplendent natural landscape of rugged tree covered mountains, fertile valleys lined with rows upon rows of olive trees, and sandy beaches with mesmerizing sapphire waters that invite you to experience one of the most underrated destinations in Greece.

Although all of your transfers to airports, stations, harbors, and hotels have likely been included in your TrueTrip experience, there will be instances where you will use a taxi to get around. Always make sure that the driver starts the meter when you get in the taxi and check the meter before you pay. If in doubt about a fare, please check with your hotel concierge who is also able to arrange taxi pick-ups for you.
Although public transportation makes getting around quite easy, if you’d like to uncover more of this location, you may want to rent a car; your hotel concierge can assist you with making arrangements with a local car rental company. We always recommend careful and cautious driving in Europe as roads can be old, narrow and with high volumes of traffic.