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Make your way to the Venetian walls and pass through the Trani Gate and its heavy wooden doors to enter the castle town of Naxos. Walk on the immaculately preserved medieval streets and take in the sights of the old settlement as you head towards the town center where you will find many of the island’s popular sites such as the remains of the Marco Sanudo tower, the Catholic Cathedral, the Capella Cazatza, the Ursulines Monastery, and the Crispi-Glezos tower that hosts the Byzantine museum.
If you are looking for a way to relax and cool down after spending a full day under the sun in one of the island’s beaches, head towards the summer location of Cine Naxos in the southern outskirts of Chora. Watch a movie under the night sky at the island’s open-air cinema while enjoying some snacks and the gentle evening breeze.
On Naxos, you will find a variety of shops selling fine jewelry, clothing, pottery items, embroideries, artworks, souvenirs and much more. The best place to go shopping is Chora where you can find just about anything, however, many of the island’s larger villages also offer a selection of shops where you can browse through a variety of items, many of which are handmade.
Resting in the shadow of Zas Mountain with a population of roughly 1800 people, Filoti is one of the biggest villages in the Cyclades. Visit its quaint old neighbourhood where you will find the old Venetian Barozzi tower and head south towards the fountain of Aries where you can walk the path that leads to the superb Zas cave at the top of the mountain. You can also explore Tragea, the beautiful valley to the south of Filoti that is also referred to as the “Mystras of the Aegean” because of the impressive Byzantine churches that can be found in the area. Many of these historical monuments are quite interesting as they exhibit different architectural styles and are home to some fantastic frescoes and wall paintings.
For many visitors to Naxos, Apeiranthos is considered the island’s most beautiful village. It’s located on the foot of Fanari Mountain and offers spectacular views of the sea and the nearby islands of Koufonissia, Amorgos, Donousa, and Keros. Locals call it the “Marble Village” and it is surrounded by lush green valleys and rocky cliffs. The village’s unique architectural style has been meticulously preserved so you will enjoy the sight of neoclassical mansions, white churches, beautiful squares, and lovely streets and stairways, all made of white marble. Further to the village’s enchanting charm, you will find some places of cultural interest in Apeirathos as well such as the local museums and the gallery of local artists.
Halki used to be the financial and commercial center of Naxos. Admire the beautiful neoclassical buildings and Venetian towers, that saturate the tranquil village with a historical ambiance and indulge in a bit of elegant shopping at the local shops. While you are in the area, take the opportunity to visit the old liquor factory of the Vallindra family and learn about the tasty digestive liquor that is made from the leaves of local citrus trees. This alcoholic drink is still being made in Halki by the Vallindra family at the same old distillery using the same traditional methods!
Agios Prokopios Beach
Located within 5 km from Chora, this beautiful sandy beach with turquoise waters has received awards from both Greek and international organizations for the quality of its waters. Agios Prokopios beach is well organized except for its northern section so it’s suited for all tastes.
Location: 5 km south of Naxos Town
Agios Georgios Beach
Named after the chapel of Saint George that is located on the northern part of the beach, this is the most popular beach in Naxos as it is beautiful and easily accessible from Naxos town. Its waters are warm, shallow, and usually calm while its shoreline is made up of fine sand. Sunbeds and umbrellas are widely available.
Location: Near Naxos Town
Agia Anna Beach
One of the most well-organized beaches in Naxos surrounded by a number of taverns, beachfront restaurants, beach bars, and cafeterias. Agia Anna is easily accessible from Chora and it has golden sand and clear blue waters.
Location: 6 km northwest of Naxos Town
Plaka Beach
Plaka is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is a calm, long sandy beach with amazing crystal-clear waters. For its most part, the beach isn’t organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, so the beach has maintained its natural beauty and unspoiled landscape.
Location: 10 km south of Naxos Town
Mikri Vigla
A beautiful beach that is split in two by a hill allowing its visitors to enjoy calm waters regardless of the direction of the wind. It features golden sand, crystal clear waters and it is well organized. The southern part of the beach is usually the calm one while the northern part is a well-known hotspot for watersports owing to the frequent winds.
Location: 12 km south of Naxos Town
Kastraki Beach
Kastraki is one of the less organized beaches in Naxos making it perfect for a tranquil beach getaway. Kastraki is famous for its white sand and sands and sapphire waters. You also find some charming tavernas nearby.
Location: 15km south of Naxos Town