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According to legend, Delos is the birthplace of god Apollo and his sister Artemis. A series of grandiose structures we erected on Delos the remains of which amaze visitors to the island. There you’ll discover one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Greece and an on-site archaeological museum that houses a rich collection of artifacts.
The once small village of Chora is the archetype of Cycladic architecture, with white cubic houses, colorful balconies, and a maze of narrow streets and alleys. This disorienting layout acted as a countermeasure to the constant pirate raids that plagued the island between the 15th and 18th centuries. Today, you can enjoy getting lost while wandering in the town’s weaving paths, surrounded by the bright light that shines through its open spaces; from here you can catch a glimpse of the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
Little Venice is one of the most charming locations in Chora, home to some of the best cafes on the island, and some of the most popular bars in all of Greece. While it is an excellent place to relax and unwind during at any time of the day, the image of a crimson sky as the sun dips into the sea is nothing short of magic and will be etched in your memory forever. Find a seat at one of the outdoor cafes and salute this festival of colors while you enjoy it.
Mykonos is a renowned, cosmopolitan island and among its visitors, you will likely encounter members of the international jet-set, top models, fashion designers, and Hollywood movie stars. Therefore, it is of little surprise that Mykonos is home to several high-end shops that offer a wide range of luxury products that befit the tastes and needs of their eclectic clientele. The streets of Matogianni and Mitropoleos in Chora, are teeming with fashion boutiques and jewelry stores while you will find small shops selling hand-made creations, souvenirs and other memorabilia all around the island.
There are several windmills around Mykonos but the most famous are the Kato Mili, a group of five windmills located on the edge of Mykonos Town and the first thing you will see as your ferry approaches the island. They make for a great photo op so at some point during your stay, pack your camera and head toward this iconic landmark to take a picture that will forever remind
you of your holidays in Mykonos.
For a more isolated and less frequented side of Mykonos, consider visiting the village of Ano Mera. Explore a beautiful Mykonian landscape populated with small green fields, white houses, picturesque windmills, and small chapels with red tinted domes, all bathed in the warm summer light and surrounded by wild flowers, granite rocks, and the deep blue sea. Discover
the hidden jewels of the eastern coast of Mykonos and savor local delicacies in a local taverna.
Psarou Beach
Located within four miles of Mykonos Town, Psarou Beach is one of the most famous and well-organized beaches on the island. Nestled between two hills its coast is lined with fine white sand and its waters are clear blue and always calm. It’s a great spot to relax, sunbathe and engage in some people watching as Psarou attracts a great number of celebrities.
Location: 3 mi (5 km) from Mykonos Town
Kalo Livadi Beach
One of the longest beaches in Mykonos located a mere two miles from Ano Mera. It is well organized and more tranquil than some of the other beaches of the island. Its quit atmosphere, sandy shores and clean shallow waters make it ideal for families.
Location: 6 mi (10 km) from Mykonos Town
Ftelia Beach
Located in the northern part of the island, the sandy beach of Ftelia is a windsurfer’s paradise as it is constantly exposed to the Aegean winds (meltemia). Ftelia has a wild beauty to it as its landscape has remained largely untouched with the exception of a
single beach bar on the west side of the coast.
Location: 6 mi (10 km) from Mykonos Town
Platis Gialos Beach
Probably the island’s most frequented beach. It is fully organized and surrounded by a number of hotels and restaurants. Its waters are clear turquoise color and its shore is made up of fine sand. From here you can catch a ride with a traditional Greek boat (lantza) to some of the beaches on the southern side of the island.
Location: 3 mi (5 km) from Mykonos Town
Fokos Beach
This sandy beach offers a tame alternative to the boisterous rhythms of most other beaches in Mykonos. Located in its relatively unexplored northeastern region, it is the perfect place to escape from the crowds and enjoy a level of privacy that is seldom afforded to the visitors of this vibrant and cosmopolitan island.
Location: 8 mi (3 km) from Mykonos Town
Mersini Beach
Mersini beach is located near Fokos on the northeastern part of Mykonos. It is one of the island’s hidden gems as there are very few beaches in Mykonos that are not frequented by great numbers of tourists. It features a coastline with golden sands and clear blue waters but there are no facilities of any kind on site so make sure to at least bring your own umbrella, beach towels and some water.
Location: 8 mi (3 km) from Mykonos Town