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Welcome to Mykonos, one of Greece’s most famous destinations! Even though the island isn’t home to significant ancient remains, dramatic natural landscapes, major landmarks, or cultural institutions, it attracts millions of visitors each year. Mykonos’ basic appeal is its unique holiday vibe, exquisite hotels, and high-end services; it is rightfully considered the ultimate Greek holiday destination. Start the day with a leisurely breakfast along the harbor, then head to one of the island’s impeccable beaches, stroll through the town’s narrow streets and grab a cocktail at a local cafe as you watch the sun go down. Then put on your most fashionable clothes and head to one of the island’s fine restaurants for dinner and finish off your day in typical Mykonian style, with a night of partying!

Although all of your transfers to airports, stations, harbors, and hotels have likely been included in your TrueTrip experience, there will be instances where you will use a taxi to get around. Always make sure that the driver starts the meter when you get in the taxi and check the meter before you pay. If in doubt about a fare, please check with your hotel concierge who is also able to arrange taxi pick-ups for you.
Although public transportation makes getting around quite easy, if you’d like to uncover more of this location, you may want to rent a car; your hotel concierge can assist you with making arrangements with a local car rental company. We always recommend careful and cautious driving in Europe as roads can be old, narrow and with high
volumes of traffic.
Renting a moped is quite popular on the Greek islands and having your own means of transportation will provide you with independence and enable you to explore more of the island. It is important to keep in mind that the roads on the islands are typically quite old, very narrow, and with high volumes of traffic – we suggest exercising a strict level of caution when using this means of transportation. Your hotel concierge is able to assist you with arranging a rental.