TrueTrips Gets Inspired by Thrive Global

February 08, 2019
In a world where stress and burnout have become the norm, Arianna Huffington’s latest undertaking called Thrive Global is on a mission to end this epidemic through sustainable, science based solutions, and accelerate the culture shift that will allow people to reclaim their lives and move from merely surviving to thriving.

thrive global true trips copyTrueTrips Founder Christos Stergiou with Thrive Global Founder Arianna Huffington, MEP Eva Kaili, and Mantalena Kaili at the Thrive Global Greece Launch.

TrueTrips Founder and CEO Christos Stergiou has a long-lasting relationship with Arianna Huffington and has had the pleasure of organizing stress-free trips for Arianna and her family over the years. Arianna's Thrive Global cause is very close to our hearts, and it has gotten us thinking about how much travel can improve our quality of life and enhance our wellbeing. This is why we’d like to share with you the 3 things that will ensure you return from your next vacation thoroughly rejuvenated!

1. Get Restful Sleep

body amanzoe time to thrive travel

Even though we might not always get as much as we’d like, we all know what a good night's sleep feels like, and when on a vacation, getting restful shut-eye should be high on the list of priorities! Since you’re on holiday and not in your usual room and bed, choosing a hotel with high quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding is of utmost importance. At TrueTrips, we only work with the very best hotels in each of our destinations, but if we had to pick only one of our favorite hotels that is perfect for getting restful sleep, the Amanzoe in Porto Heli, Greece offers the ultimate escape within pristine natural surroundings. As you dial down for a good night’s sleep, don’t forget to turn off your electronic devices – they need their rest too!

2. Take Care Of You!

body euphoria time to thrive travel
When on vacation, taking care of you means completely dialing down, disconnecting from the world, and offering your body and mind complete rejuvenation. If you need to reconnect with you, the Euphoria Retreat is the ultimate place to re-establish your inner balance. Nestled in the heart of the Peloponnese at the foothills of the mystical Mount Taygetus, the Euphoria Retreat harmoniously blends lush gardens and private forests with holistic treatments, essential tools, and balanced meals that will aid you in leading a happier, healthier and more contented life.

3. Customized Travel - Just As You Dream It

body custom graphic time to thrive travel
Travel is definitely important to our well-being, and being able to create a holiday exactly as you need it is key. At TrueTrips we work with you one-on-one to design a customized trip that is perfectly tailored to what you need and what you want. Tell us everything you’d like to experience on your next vacation, and we’ll build your trip so that it perfectly fits with what you need right now.