Anamnesia: A Piece of Greece, Yours to Keep!

October 08, 2019
The holidays are all about being in the moment and soaking up the experience of being somewhere new and exciting, but when it’s all said and done and it’s time to catch that plane ride back home, it’s the things we take with us that keep the memory of our adventures alive. It’s the reason why you might feel the urge to pack a camera right next to your beach towels, and it’s also the reason why there is something special about that large straw hat or those strapped leather sandals you got on your last trip abroad.

We understand this well, which is why we’re so excited about our recent partnership with Anamnesia - a premier memorabilia retailer that offers fresh and unique gift ideas that are inspired by Greek culture and the Greek way of life.

From simple accessories like wallets and cosmetics bags to playful apparel and trendy household items, Anamnesia offers an extraordinary range of products - all of which are exclusively designed, handcrafted, and made in Greece.

We believe that memories are half the trip, so if you’re planning on traveling with us to Greece you can look forward to receiving your very own signature Anamnesia pouch upon arrival at the airport. A small gift from us to remind you of your Mediterranean adventures!

If you want to see more of Anamnesia during your travels, you can find their stores in Athens, Rhodes, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Crete, and Chalkidiki; but even if you’re not visiting any of these locations, you can find all Anamnesia merchandise on their online shop.

See you in Greece!