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Things to Know
Sardinia is rich in history, with exquisite museums, multicultural cuisine, beautiful beaches, and picture-perfect villages. Even though the first human traces on the island date back to the Late Stone Age, Sardinia flourished during the Roman times by becoming a major exporter of grain, salt, wine and olives. Today Sardinia enjoys a vibrant tourist scene as well as a flourishing agricultural sector. The living remnants from the Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, and Phoenicians add a different energy to this wonderful island that visitors will find absolutely fascinating.
Things to See
Nuraghe Su Nuraxi in Barumini
This well-preserved type of defensive structure known as nuraghe, for which no parallel exists anywhere else in the world, was developed on the island of Sardinia in the 17th century BC and was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.
Alghero Town
Alghero is a beautiful medieval town in the northwest of Sardinia and home to a perfectly preserved historic center. Inside its impressive sea walls one can find imposing Gothic palaces and buildings as well as many excellent restaurants and bars.
Bosa Town
Vibrant, with pastel houses and narrow alleys on a steep hillside, Bosa is a small town of ancient origin. Visit the Castello Malaspina a striking castle that dates back to the 12th century or set off to explore the nearby beaches such as Bosa Marina, Capo Marrargiu and Cumpoltittu.
The Archaeological Site of Tiscali village
Hidden in a mountaintop cave in Monte Tiscali, this nuragic village is one of Sardinia’s most important archaeological highlights. Apart from its archaeological significance Tiscali is also one of the most popular trekking destinations in Sardinia.
Castelsardo Town
This picturesque historic town on the northern coast of Sardinia is dominated by the Doria Castle, which offers beautiful views of the gulf of Asinara. Castelsardo is also home to the Elephant’s Rock, an elephant shaped monolith and one of Sardinia’s most loved landmarks.
Things to Do
Festival of Sant' Efisio
Taking place on May 1st every year since 1656, this festival is the largest and most colorful religious procession in the world. Accompanied by the sound of traditional Sardinian pipes, the festival lasts for 4 days and involves more than 5000 people.
The Archipelago of La Maddalena
This string of 7 large islands and 55 tiny islets is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Italy. The archipelago, that is only accessible by boat, is situated approximately 20 minutes from Sardinia and is a perfect destination to explore coves and beaches of remarkable natural beauty.
Hit the Beach
Chia Beach
The peach colored sand, turquoise waters and juniper covered dunes make Chia one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. The nearby lagoon is an important pink flamingo breeding ground.

Type: Semi-organized, sandy beach (no restaurant on the beach)
Location: Near Domus de Maria, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia
Campana Dune Beach
Campana Dune Beach is a 1.7-kilometer long child friendly beach with a backdrop of large impressive sand dunes.

Type: Organized, sandy beach
Location: Near Chia, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia
Monte Cogoni Beach
Monte Cogoni is one of the best beaches in south Sardinia, famous among bird watchers. Its shallow waters make it suitable for families with children.

Type: Organized beach, ideal for families
Location: Near Chia, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia
Spiaggia Capriccioli
Surrounded by olive and pine trees, Capriccioli is one of the best beaches on Costa Smeralda. To the east the beach offers stunning views to the island of Mortorio.

Type: Semi organized, sandy beach
Location: Near Capriccioli, Province of Olbia-Tempio, North-East Sardinia
Cala Goloritze Beach
A crescent of white pebbles, Cala Goloritze beach is a small but stunning beach. Reaching the beach requires a one and a half hour-long walk that is definitely worth the effort. Don’t forget to bring your goggles and explore one of the best snorkeling sites in Italy.

Type: Not organized, bring your own gear
Location: Near Baunei, Province of Ogliastra, East Sardinia
Malfatano Beach
Its waters are usually very calm, making it a nice and peaceful place for families to come and spend the day.

Type: Organized sandy beach, ideal for families
Location: Near Teulada, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia.