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Things to Know
San Marino
At just over 24 square miles, the Republic of San Marino is the world’s fifth smallest country and its oldest surviving sovereign state. Its entire capital is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that is brimming with beautiful Renaissance style buildings and some amazing works of art that are dotted around the old city. Its three fortresses perched atop the cliffs of Mount Titano testify to the city’s resilience while affording their visitors with a sight that is truly incomparable. All in all, San Marino is a tiny destination that packs a big punch!
Things to See
The Castle of Guaita
Built right on one of the rocky peaks of Mount Titano, the first of the three fortresses overlooking San Marino is also the most impressive. Its precarious position affords its guests with an astounding view of the city.
Museo della Tortura
This museum holds a collection of devices used to cause death, public ridicule and pain. Its purpose is to inspire reflection on human cruelty and the way in which harm and death were intentionally provoked.
Basilica of San Marino
A 19th century basilica designed in the neo-classical style by the Bolognese architect Antonio Serra. It’s the most important church in the country as it houses the remains of its founder, St. Marino.
Museo di Stato
San Marino’s best museum by far is the well laid out state museum displaying art, history, furniture, and culture. Don’t miss the Domagnano Treasure, a Ostrogothic trove of jewels dating to the 5th and 6th centuries.
Things to Do
Like many of the world’s microstates, San Marino enjoys very low taxation which makes it the place to indulge in some shopping. In San Marino’s old town, you will find several shops selling beautiful ceramics and various collector’s items like gold coins and rare stamps.
From July 1st to September 30th, you can watch the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Piazza della Liberta. The colorful uniforms of the Guardia di Rocca on the backdrop of the beautiful 19th century public palace with its impressive gothic façade lend themselves to some beautiful photo opportunities while the view over the square’s walls is nothing short of remarkable.