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Florence & Tuscany
Admired for centuries and rightfully regarded among the most influential cities of global
history, the contributions of Florence to mankind are so significant that it didn’t just
define Western civilization, it literally shaped the modern world. Yet, the region’s appeal
is not confined to its capital; it’s not dependent on any abstract claims, not even on prior
knowledge of its status, because Tuscany is a region that speaks directly to the senses! The
richness and beauty of the great works of art and architecture in Florence, the delights and
diversions of its contemporary cities, the serenity and harmony of the Tuscan countryside
and its unparalleled culinary treasures create such an overwhelming experience that it’s
enough to seduce even the most cynical of souls.

Although all of your transfers to airports, stations, harbors, and hotels have likely been
included in your TrueTrip experience, there will be instances where you will use a taxi
to get around. Always make sure that the driver starts the meter when you get in the
taxi and check the meter before you pay. If in doubt about a fare, please check with your
hotel concierge who is also able to arrange taxi pick-ups for you.
Although public transportation makes getting around quite easy, if you’d like to uncover
more of this location, you may want to rent a car; your hotel concierge can assist you
with making arrangements with a local car rental company. We always recommend
careful and cautious driving in Europe as roads can be old, narrow and with high
volumes of traffic.