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Recommendation Guide
To the east of Lake Como, near the border with Austria, you will find the imposing Dolomite mountain range. Witness its dramatic formations and remarkable views during both sunrise and sunset as its exposed rocks reflect the sunlight and create a festival of colors in bright red, blue, black, and yellow. You can enjoy a plethora of activities in the Dolomites ranging from the more traditional skiing and mountain climbing to paragliding and hang gliding, while a selection of excellent hotels that offer all the modern tech cons in a pristine natural setting will surely make your experience all the more memorable.
Things to See
The Three Peaks
Located on the border with the Italian province of Belluno, the Three peaks is a magnifiscent mountain massif that captures the raw beauty and unique landscape of the Dolomites.
Musseo della Grande Guerra
Housed in the Tre Sassi Fort, this museum includes a collection of more than 2,000 historical relics that recount those battles of World War I that took place in the Dolomites.
Museo Marmolada Grande Guerra
Located nearly 10,000 feet above ground, this is the highest museum in Europe. Discover the lives and stories of soldiers that took part in the bitter fighting of the “white war”.
Messner Mountain Museum
Also known as the museum in the clouds, this thematic museum is centered on the theme of “rock” and it illustrates the process of the conquest of the Dolomites through an exhibition of mountaineering equipment and unique paintings of the Dolomites.
Viote Alpine Botanical Garden
This garden boasts an impressive collection of mountainous plants from different regions around the world like the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Apennines, the Balkans, Carpathians, Caucasus, the Americas, and the Himalayas.
Things to Do
Explore the Dolomites Hiking Trails
With a great number of fantastic trails that will take you through wonderful forests, enchanting alpine landscapes, and striking mountain peaks, hiking in the Dolomites is sure to be a delight. There are several well marked hiking trails of varying difficulty for you to explore, but hiking to the emblematic Three Peaks, exploring the trail on the south side of the Geisler, or taking on the Tierser Alpl – Schlern hike are all popular options that combine medium difficulty with beautiful vistas.
Explore the Lakes Around the Dolomites
The Dolomites boasts an incredibly varied landscape with several fairytale lakes that are almost like a dream unfolding before your eyes. Though many of these lakes are mountain lakes that are too cold to swim in, you can still enjoy the relaxing ambience of these great bodies of water or even explore them using a paddle boat. Lake Braies in South Tyrol, Lake Dobbiaco, and Lake Landro are all great options while Lake Sorapis with its enchanting turquoise-blue waters is a sight for sore eyes.
Take a Day Trip to Pieve di Cadore
The medieval town in the Belluno region is best known for being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance painter Titian. Once a stronghold known as the “walled city of the Veneto”, much of the town’s medieval walls were torn down by Napoleon’s troops though parts of it survive to this day. The town has a number of historical buildings for visitors to admire while its most striking architectural feature is the Palace of the Magnificent Community that was built in 1447. The Eyewear Museum that houses more than 2,000 pieces of eyewear from a variety of different periods and locations is worth a visit if you plan to spend a bit of extra time in Pieve di Cadore while you can also see some of Titian’s work at the archdeacon church of S. Maria Nascente.