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The magical village of Chora proudly carries the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most beautiful island settlements in all of the Aegean. As you explore, you’ll see the old mansions that attest to the wealth of Patmos during the 17th and 18th centuries. Enjoy the tranquility of everyday life around its tiny squares and quaint streets, while relishing the scent of fresh flowers and the refreshing Aegean breeze!
A picturesque and serene seaside village away from the tourist crowds, Grikos Bay has beautiful views to Tragonisi Island and the giant Kalikatsou Rock. The calm blue sea and peaceful setting is one that you’ll truly enjoy.
Visit the busy square of Agia Levia in Chora that is the perfect spot to relax and observe the locals! Choose your favorite spot at one of the cafe-bars, enjoy your evening drink and then visit one of the local shops for some excellent souvenir shopping.
Skala is the port and commercial center of Patmos. Although busier than other parts of Patmos it does have its own distinct charm. Skala offers various shops for clothing, souvenirs and jewelry, as well as plenty of cafes and bars.
Head up the hill of Chora until you reach the three well-restored windmills. Explore the first flour windmill open to the public and learn about traditional flour production technology and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.
The path to the Cave of the Apocalypse following the old Byzantine path from Chora is well worth the effort! Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, have a hat, and a bottle of water. The route will take approximately 30 minutes. Another of our favorites is the hike from Stavros or Diakofti to Psili Ammos. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes and the path is relatively rough and mountainous so definitely wear closed shoes and have a hat and water – do not attempt walking this path in sandals!
Patmos is surrounded by many small islands, some of which are completely uninhabited and others that have nothing more than a small chapel, and a tavern. The islands of Marathi, Tiganakia, and Aspronissi are especially worth the adventure, as are Arki and Lipsi. All of these islands can only be accessed by hiring a boat. Explore beaches of indescribable beauty, visit picturesque settings, and savor amazing fresh seafood. Don’t forget your diving masks – visibility in these crystal waters is very good!
Hit The Beach in Patmos
Livadi Geranou
A beautiful sandy beach with calm turquoise waters that offers idyllic views to the small island of St. George. The beach isn’t organized but there’s a small tavern near the beach for water, drinks, and a quick bite to eat.
Location: Livadi Geranou
Lined with shady tamarisks, Lambi (meaning shiny in Greek) is famous for its colorful pebbles and crystal-clear water. The beach is not typically organized and we recommend taking your own gear.
Location: Lambi
An organized, sandy beach with shallow warm waters. It offers many amenities and water sports facilities and is ideal for families.
Location: Agriolivado
Twin Beaches
These two identically shaped, easily accessible, secluded, sandy coves, offer crystal clear waters and untouched natural surroundings. The beaches are not organized and you will need to bring your own gear.
Location: Eastern Patmos
Kampos Beach
Kampos is the island’s most cosmopolitan beach and is widely preferred for its mild weather and calm waters. Kampos is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and offers water sports facilities and a beach bar.
Location: Kampos
Vagia Beach
A peaceful pebbled beach with shady trees and the coldest waters of Patmos. Accessible by small boat or by car via Kambos village. This beach is not organized, but there is a small cafe for refreshments.
Location: Southeast of Skala
Petra Beach
Located on the narrow strip of land that connects Kalikatsou Rock to the mainland. It is an organized beach with large white pebbles both in the sea and onshore and crystal blue waters.
Location: Petra
Psili Ammos Beach
Literally meaning ‘fine sand’, this stunning beach boasts fine golden sand and turquoise waters. It is accessible by boat or on foot from Diakofti. The beach isn’t organized but there’s a small tavern by the beach where you can buy water, coffee,
and drinks.
Location: Psili Ammos