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Things to Know
Through the centuries, Corfu has been occupied by several empires that sought to expand their territories towards the Ionian Sea. Holding on to the diverse heritage of its former conquerors, the island of Corfu possesses an unmistakable cosmopolitan flair, with a strong influence of Venetian culture evident in its architecture, art, and even the island’s folklore. Being the birthplace of Ioannis Kapodistrias – first Governor of Greece and mastermind of the Helvetian Constitution - as well as the famous Greek singer Nana Mouschouri, Corfu certainly exudes a strong aura of sophistication. In addition to its lush natural beauty and interesting history, Corfu also boasts a great variety of local culinary delights for you to enjoy like the kumquat, the pastitsada, and the mandola. Discover the island where the shipwrecked Odysseus sought respite before heading back to Ithaca and revel in the serenity and captivating ambience of Corfu.
Things to See
Spianada Square
Spianada Square is the biggest square in the Balkans. Walk through the beautiful pedestrian walk while taking in a magnificent view of the sea. During Greek Orthodox Easter it becomes the venue for the traditional celebration of Botides during which the locals throw earthenware jugs from their balconies to scare off evil spirits.
Corfu Town Hall / Teatro San Giacomo
Originally built as an opera house, the Theater of San Giacomo –named after the nearby Cathedral of San Giacomo- is a perfect display of local cultural and artistic flair. It now functions as the island’s Town Hall.
Kanoni peninsula / Pontikonisi / Mon Repo Palace
The Kanoni peninsula was named after a French army cannon that has been left behind since the times of the French occupation. The canon points the way to the iconic Pontikonisi isle, where the Pantokrator Monastery is located. Additionally, the Kanoni peninsula also includes the palace of Mon Repo, a fine example of neoclassical architecture whose halls have been walked by nobles, diplomats, kings, and queens, including the fabled Empress Elisabeth of Austria, colloquially known as Princess Sissy.
Cathedral of Agios Spyridonas
Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of Corfu island. The Cathedral dedicated to Saint Spyridon is home to his holy remains and features spectacular painted ceilings that were created by a local artist named Nikolaos Aspiotis in 1852.
Achilleion Palace
Built at the behest of Princess Sissy, the impressive Achilleion Palace was dedicated to Achilles; a statue of whose liking is still standing at the entrance of the property. The palace was a holiday residence of Kaiser William II who was responsible for extensive renovations and refurbishments while nowadays the historic building is home to a museum operated by the Hellenic Tourism Development Company.
Things to Do
Step into Corfu’s Old Town
The Old Town of Corfu is arguably one of the most charming and romantic locations in all of Greece. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site that features a beautiful marriage between Byzantine and Venitian artistry and whose cobbled streets where once walked by royalty and nobility alike. Walk the cobblestone alleyways of the Campiello neighborhood, browse the shops for some traditional local products, and have a break at the open-air cafes of Liston Arcade.
Explore the Villages of Corfu
While the town of Corfu is very attractive in its own right, there are some truly beautiful settlements to be found all around the island. Agios Stefanos, Kaminaki and the miniscule village of Kalami are all located near the coast of Corfu and offer ample opportunity to enjoy sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. To the north of the island you will find the characterful Palia Perithea and Loutses that epitomize the little Greek traditional village.
Go on a Day-Trip to Paxi and Antipaxi Isles.
If you have an extra day in Corfu, consider taking a trip to visit the nearby Paxi and Antipaxi isles. Located just to the south of Corfu, these tiny strips of land are the perfect place to spend a day swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise waters of their secluded bays, eat freshly caught fish by the beach, and enjoy the easy island life.
Hike Through the Island of Corfu
With an excellent network of hiking trails to choose from, exploring the great outdoors of Corfu is an excellent way to discover the natural beauty of the island. With a plethora of options to choose from, the Corfu trail, the Erimitis path, and the route to Pantokrator Mountain are a good place to start.
Hit the Beach
Paleokastritsa Bay
A very popular and very well-organized beach that offers a wide variety of amenities, watersport activities and several restaurant options to choose from.

Type: Organized
Location: 23km west of Corfu Town
Glyfada Beach
Another very well-organized beach located on Corfu’s western coastline.

Type: Organized
Location: 20km west of Corfu Town
Agios Gordios Beach
A very popular beach with sandy shores and clear blue waters that is surrounded by impressive rock formations and lush greenery.

Type: Organized
Location: 19km south west of Corfu Town
Chalikounas Beach
More like a sandy strip of earth that separates the lake of Korrision from the sea, Chalikounas beach is ideal for surfers thanks to the strong wind currents that often blow through the area.

Type: Semi - organized
Location: On the southwestern part of the island, 30km away from Corfu Town