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Things to Know
Zadar is a city rich in history and natural beauty that remains relatively undiscovered. The city center wonderfully combines old and new world charm; wander its quiet streets to explore its impressive city gates and Romanesque churches and be inspired by some of the city’s ultra-contemporary art installations. Zadar is one of the most dynamic and exciting towns in Dalmatia, and surely you will enjoy its calm atmosphere and all year around good weather!
Things to See
Church of St. Donatus
This 9th century pre-Romanesque church dominates Zadar’s center. It is circular in shape and is known for its excellent acoustics, making it the ideal place to host musical events.
Cathedral of St. Anastasia
Considered the largest cathedral in Dalmatia, this church boasts three beautiful portals and a bell-tower whose panoramic views are definitely worth the climb!
Land Gate
Built in 1543, this Venetian made gate once served as the main entrance to the old city of Zadar. A Renaissance masterpiece, this city landmark is a truly impressive structure.
The Roman Forum
Among the most important city landmarks, the Roman Forum in Zadar is one of the largest in on the eastern side of the Adriatic. Explore these imposing city ruins including temples and towering pillars.
Five Wells Square
Built during the 16th century, the Venetians helped the city establish a large underground water cistern with five ornamental wellheads – giving this square its name.
St. Mary’s Church
Completely restored after being damaged in World War II, this early Romanesque style church was constructed in 1066 and sits at the eastern edge of the Roman forum. Today it is home to a permanent exhibition of religious art.
National Museum
Home to several permanent exhibitions, Zadar’s national museum offers cultural insight not only into the city’s history, but also the region’s natural history.
St. Simeon’s Church
This church is home to a wooden chest, protected under UNESCO, said to hold the relics of St. Simeon. Plated in silver and gold, boasting unbelievably detailed reliefs, the chest is considered to be a masterpiece of Medieval art.
Things to Do
Explore the Historical Center
Wander the streets paved with gleaming white stone and discover Zadar’s impressive historical landmarks.
Witness a Beautiful Sunset
Find your own vantage spot, or head directly to the Sea Organ located on the western side of Zadar’s Riva, and take-in a most inspiring sunset.
Visit the Monument to the Sun
Designed by the artist Nikola Basic, sitting at the edge of Zadar’s waterfront, this 22-meter solar-powered disc representing the sun soaks up solar rays all day in order to dazzle visitors at night fall with impressive colored light patterns.
Experience the Sounds of the Sea Organ
Connected to the Monument of the Sun, the impressive Sea Organ is an art installation made of underwater pipes that make musical sounds when filled with water. As each wave hits the pipes, the effect is as if the sea is playing a giant harmonica.
Visit Saharun Beach
Featuring white sand and turquoise shallow waters, this is one of Croatia’s best beaches and is perfect for a day trip from Zadar.
Wander Zadar’s City Market
Located within the walls of the old city, near the waterfront, Zadar’s market is one of the largest in Dalmatia. It is the perfect place to have a totally local experience – be sure to sample some homemade goods and delicacies.