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Things to Know
Rovinj is a picturesque town situated on an oval peninsula in the north Adriatic Sea. It is among the most frequented destinations in Croatia and one of the most picturesque towns on the Istrian peninsula. Its pedestrian-only old town is full of colorful houses, narrow cobblestone streets, lovely squares, and of course the impressive St. Euphemia Cathedral – the tallest church tower in Istria. In addition to being one of the most charming and romantic towns of the Croatian Adriatic coast, Rovinj has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty, including the islands of the Rovinj Archipelago, the Golden Cape Forest Park and the Lim Bay. Rovinj is urban and cosmopolitan, yet historic and picturesque – it is a destination that will surely enchant you!
Things to See
Church of St. Euphemia
An imposing church that overlooks the old town from a hilltop in the middle of the peninsula. The church’s 60m high bell tower was modelled after the campanile of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice and is topped with a copper statue of St. Euphemia which serves as a wind vane. Climb up to the top for panoramic views of Rovinj and the sea.
Batana House
Located on the harbor, this museum is dedicated to ‘batana’ which is a traditional flat-bottomed fishing boat that was used by locals for centuries. The museum offers an amalgamation of traditional exhibits, slide projections, and interactive presentations.
Balbi’s Arch
Standing on the site of the old town gate, this imposing arch dates back to the late 1670’s. The top of the arch is decorated with a Turkish head on one side and a Venetian head on the other.
Things to Do
St. Lawrence Night
Join the celebrations of St. Lawrence’s Night on the 10th of August, where all public lights are dimmed and candles light up the streets. Walk around town, enjoy the outdoor classical concerts and take in the unique romantic atmosphere.
Take a Batana Ride
Enjoy a traditional batana boat ride and see Rovinj and its old town from another point of view.
St. Euphemia Day
Experience St. Euphemia Day, on the 16th of September when a series of celebrations, an important mass and concerts in the town square take place. Be sure to try sour kraut with sheep meet, the traditional meal prepared in restaurants for this day.
Hike the Punta Corrente
Hike up the trails of Punta Corrente protected forest park which offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.
Discover the Old Town
Explore the charming old town of Rovinj, with its Venetian-style architecture and quaint little shops. Don’t miss a walk along La Grisia, Rovinj’s most popular street and shop for art, souvenirs and jewelry.
Visit Red Island
Enjoy a leisurely boat ride to Red Island. Comprised of two pine covered islets – St. Andrews and Maskin – here you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkeling.
Seaside Fun
Lone Bay
One of the most visited and beautiful beaches in Rovinj. Lone Bay is excellent for families and offers various amenities and water sport facilities.

Type: Pebble beach with numerous facilities.
Location: A few minutes’ walk from Rovinj town center.
Lesso Bay
Situated across from Figarola Island and covered with white pebbles, Lesso Bay is a wonderful family beach.

Type: Pebble beach, not organized but with restaurants nearby.
Location: 3 km from Rovinj town center.
Golden Cape
A wonderful beach with crystal clear water and pine trees that reach right down to the beach offering plenty of shade during hot summer days.

Type: Pebble beach, not organized but with restaurants nearby.
Location: Inside the Golden Cape Forest Park.