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Things to Know
Dubrovnik today is one of Europe’s most iconic cities. Ruled over the years by the Byzantines, Venetians, Hungarians, and then finally the Ottoman Turks, once Croatia became an independent nation, Dubrovnik became the center of Croatian culture. After decades of belonging to communist Yugoslavia and despite devastation from the Croatian War of Independence, Dubrovnik was quickly repaired and has become a chic Mediterranean destination. Lose yourself in this renewed city that offers a perfect blend of past and present.
Things to See
Dubrovnik’s Walls & Old Town
The walls of Dubrovnik are among the most impressive in Europe and have been used to film episodes of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars! Many fine buildings of the Old Town have earned UNESCO World Heritage status and are worth a visit. The Sponza Palace, the Gothic Renaissance Rector's Palace, Saint Blaise Church, the Franciscan Church and Monastery, and the Dominican Monastery are some of the most significant buildings in the Old Town.
Dubrovnik Cable Car
For panoramic views of the Old City, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and numerous islands, head to Mt. Srd Cable Car just north of the city.
Park Orsula
On a cliff 200 meters above the sea, just southeast of the town is Park Orsula. In addition to stunning views, Park Orsula offers a magnificent natural setting to enjoy live music concerts. Also known as a recently restored archaeological site, the chapel of St. Orsula dates back to the 14th century.
Trip to Trsteno Village
The lovely medieval village of Trsteno is a perfect day-trip from Dubrovnik. Trsteno is the locale of many impressive summer homes built by nobles during the 15th and 16th centuries. The village is also famous for its 15th century arboretum, home to an extensive variety of ancient trees and plants.
Things to Do
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
The annual summer festival runs from July 10 – August 25 with more than 70 open air venues, and a program of classical music, theater, opera and dance performances.

For program details visit: http://www.dubrovnik-festival.hr/en/
Seaside Fun
The Dubrovnik Riviera offers a mix of all types of beaches including rock, pebble and sand.
Buza Beach
A lovely bathing spot on the stone slopes just under the walls of Dubrovnik. This beach offers beautiful views and a local bar perfect for a relaxing evening.

Type: Off–the–beaten path, and not organized.
Location: Follow the small streets of the old city behind the Cathedral, pass through a small door in the wall and descend down the steps that lead to the boulders.
Copacabana Beach
A pebble beach with some cement levels and shallow sea, offering beautiful views of Daksa and Elafiti islands and a unique semi – suspended bridge.
Type: Organized location that offers sports activities; accessible to those with a mobility disability.
Location: On the north side of the Lapad peninsula below Babin Kuk touristic settlement near Dubrovnik's Old City.
Sveti Jakov Beach
A lovely pebble beach where you can enjoy a view of the Old City of Dubrovnik, Betina Cave and Villa Scheherazade.

Type: Off–the–beaten path, pebble, slightly sandy, and not organized.
Location: Just outside Dubrovnik with 160 steps to the beach.
Dance Beach
Here you will find locals enjoying the sun or playing water polo. It is advised to bring your own beach umbrella as this beach is not organized and doesn't have natural shade.

Type: Off–the–beaten path, rocky beach for experienced swimmers.
Location: Located in Dance Bay about 5 minutes west of the old town.
Lapad Peninsula Beaches
The Lapad Peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik; it is home to the stunning Sumratin Bay, a few excellent beaches, and a beautiful seaside promenade.

Type: Organized.
Location: West of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.