Undiscovered Greek Islands to Get Off the Beaten Track

July 17, 2019
Greece is home to nearly 6000 islands and islets scattered across the Mediterranean Sea, and while many of these are well-known and almost constantly abuzz with tourists from all over the globe during the summer months, there are still a few that remain a closely kept secret even among seasoned travelers. Patmos, Spetses, Milos and Folegandros are such examples; unspoiled islands of unparalleled beauty that welcome their visitors with the promise of peace and tranquility. An authentic Greek holiday experience hidden away from the crowds.
True Spirituality, Patmos

Undiscovered Greek Islands to Get Off the Beatten Track Patmos

Being the place where St. John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation, Patmos is an island that exudes a powerful spiritual aura. This small Mediterranean island on the far end of the Greek border has long been drawing sophisticated travelers in search of a place that is still raw and untouched and therein lies the appeal of Patmos. It is a place that is cozy, luxurious and, most of all, respectful of its tradition. Amidst this earthly paradise, the intimate Petra Hotel & Suites offers an experience of unpretentious exclusivity. Admire the stunning views over the scenic Grikos Bay, enjoy the open-handed Greek island hospitality of its staff, and don’t miss the home-cooked breakfast made with local products that will warm your heart and satisfy your appetite. 
True Glamor, Spetses

Undiscovered Greek Islands to Get Off the Beatten Track Spetses

There is something timeless about Spetses, an air of refinement and elegance that has made it into a go-to destination for celebrities, starlets, artists and members of royal families around the world. Head out into the town as the sun sets and enjoy the island’s beautiful neoclassical architecture as you pass through the iconic canons of Revolution Square or take a ride with a horse-drawn carriage and let the chatty coachmen guide you through the island’s history. Cars are forbidden on the island, which adds yet another layer to its unique appeal. Embrace the finesse of the “Island of Scents” at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, an emblem of the 20th century glamorous lifestyle. Recently renovated, it is known for its Côte d'Azur architecture, the elegant contradiction of the Ionic Columns of the façade and the interior contemporary deco. Hospitality and relaxation come together at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel - the perfect place to experience the glamorous island of Spetses.
True Romance, Milos

Undiscovered Greek Islands to Get Off the Beatten Track Milos

The island of Venus is perfect for those who love to be in love! It’s no coincidence that it was here, along the island’s ancient city walls, that in 1820 a fisherman discovered the island’s most famous “daughter”, the statue of Venus de Milo, whose beauty still captivates audiences visiting the halls of the Louvre Museum to this day. Take a dive in the island’s indigo bays, taste superb seafood in the picturesque fishing villages and take in the mystic ambiance of its caves and catacombs. Ideally located in a secluded part of Milos, the luxurious 5-star hotel of Milos Cove combines an awe-inspiring view of the sea with the promise of complete privacy and total exclusivity. Inspired by the island’s volcanic origins, this unique inception style resort will surely enchant you.  
True Authenticity, Folegandros

Undiscovered Greek Islands to Get Off the Beatten Track Folegandros

Located between two of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades - Paros and Santorini - Folegandros has a distinct style that is all its own. Pure and untouched, this Cycladic island radiates its unique character through its unspoiled natural beauty and its strong sense of local community. Dive in the cyan colored waters of Chrysospilia or Aspropountas Lighthouse and read your book in the tranquility of the sandy and pebbled beaches that stretch along the island’s rectangular shaped coastline. You’ll never forget the breathtaking view over the cliffs as the Aegean unfolds before your eyes. Combining contemporary design and traditional Cycladic architecture, Anemi Hotel is housed in a whitewashed building, where you will receive a warm welcome and genuine hospitality. Enjoy a glass of wine by the saltwater pool and don’t miss out on breakfast to get a taste of traditional Greek dishes.