Our Top Destinations in Greece for a Family Vacation with Teenagers

July 13, 2022
A large portion of our guests travels to Greece with their family, and for quite a good reason. Greece is a fantastic destination for quality time with all generations of the family as there are so many activities and sites that can satisfy the preferences of all ages. In addition to that, across the whole country, there are beautiful resorts ideal for family vacations, offering facilities equally for teenagers, as well as for parents. Overall, it is a country that offers a well-rounded holiday experience; an educational outlook, mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine, an unrivalled natural scenery, and above all, a safe environment in terms of its clear blue Aegean waters and criminality. 


Our top destinations in Greece for a family vacation with teenagers image inside body of article paros

One destination that we find to be a wonderful choice for a family escapade is Paros. Simply put, it has everything that a Cycladic Island has to offer. Located close to Athens, it is easy to travel to both by plane and by ferry. Its size also makes it easy to navigate and explore to really get the most out of the experience while still maintaining a leisurely pace. Paros boasts rich Byzantine and Venetian history, and an interesting cultural dimension that few Greek islands can claim, while it emanates that much-wanted traditional laid-back island atmosphere. It combines impressive landscapes, a wonderful selection of sandy beaches, water sports activities, towns that are a teenager’s dream to explore and navigate, picturesque fishing villages, and is ideally located for daytrips to neighboring islands, such as Antiparos, or for day-sailing trips to other nearby Cycladic islands. 


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Another destination to consider is the Peloponnese. It is a location that is easily accessible, with minimal logistics to take into consideration. As it covers a large portion of Greece’s mainland, the best way to explore is by car (either by renting or with a private driver) in order to have flexibility in visiting the endless towns and villages of this Peloponnesian paradise. It is made of an amalgamation of beautiful landscapes, beaches, and quaint little villages, while it offers a fantastic balance of archaeological sites all throughout its area, such as the Mycenae, the Theater of Epidaurus, and Ancient Olympia, to name a few. What truly separates this destination from all others, is that no matter the age and interests of its visitors - whether that is mountains, beaches, history, mythology, ancient ruins, shopping, cuisine, or outdoor activities - the Peloponnese has it all, and it is guaranteed to steal your heart.