Celebrate a Special Occasion in Greece, the Right Way

July 07, 2022
There is no denying that Greece ranks at the top of the list for international traveling, but it is also one of the most desired destinations when it comes to celebrating a special occasion abroad. Photos and videos might offer a glimpse of this captivating country, but there is nothing like witnessing its beauty first-hand. Filled with inspiring landscapes and endless opportunities for exploration, there is something for everyone, while its welcoming atmosphere and laid-back attitude can make you feel right at home. As for those extravagant nights out, Greece knows how to play. Below, we share two of our favorite Greek experiences perfect for any special celebration:


Celebrate a special occasion in Greece the right way mykonos inside body of article

Mykonos is one of those rare destinations favored among travelers looking to spend their birthday in style, as its unique festive vibe is unlike anywhere else. Cosmopolitan, lively, and full of the kind of excitement that can only be found in the world’s most celebrated destinations, Mykonos is the ultimate hotspot of the Aegean where anything is possible. From the brilliantly uplifting Cycladic architecture, to the luxurious hotels and their top tier services, to the gorgeous sandy beaches and the clear Mediterranean sunlight that showers the island all summer long. To visit Mykonos today is to experience the magic of Greek summer at its best. 

Sail your way through the Aegean

Celebrate a special occasion in Greece the right way yacht inside body of article

Another option is a private sailing experience. Cruising the Greek waters during the summer months offers a vacation with an unparalleled sense of freedom and connection with nature. There are countless secret coves and beaches that are accessible only by boat and a sailing-experience offers you the flexibility to explore locations that you would otherwise not be able to. It is also a solution for those who are indecisive on the type of experience they would like to have. Whether that is taking it easy and appreciating down-time with your loved ones and the magnificent landscapes, or enjoying the more extravagant side of the Greek islands such as their vibrant, and often eccentric, nightlife; sailing the Aegean Sea offers you the ability to customize your experience day by day. You could go from spending your night in a secluded cove in Milos, to partying at one of the most exclusive bars in Mykonos the next day – your world is your oyster.