An Ultimate Trip To Greece In The Fall

March 23, 2018
Greece is a wonderful destination to visit in the fall, as the weather is pleasantly warm and the summer's crowds have headed home. We invite you to get a taste of authentic Greece in the fall and experience its awe-inspiring natural beauty, its world-famous sites, and some of its best-kept secrets. Experience Greece like we do - as locals!

Athens - One of Europe's Oldest Cities
Athens was and continues to be one of the most multi-dimensional cities in the world. As you wander the streets of Athens, you will encounter visitors from all over the world who have come not only to discover Athens of the Golden Age, but also to experience the incredible energy of this contemporary city.
Things To Do In Athens

Athens City & Acropolis
Discover the secrets of Athens – a city seeped in history, antiquity & culture. Walk up the historic steps of the Ancient Acropolis that stands proudly above the city and then drive by the Parliament Building, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, the Columns of Olympian Zeus, and the Presidential Mansion. Discover Athens’ great history and let your True Trips guide explain how it evolved through the centuries to become the fascinating city it is today.

Athens Gallery Tour
Journey through the fascinating world of modern and contemporary Greek art at the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Housed in a newly renovated building in the Athens city center, the National Museum of Contemporary Art is a leading Greek museum that is home to significant art works by Greek and international artists. During the Athens Gallery Tour you will also get the chance to visit some of the capital’s most influential independent galleries and discover the thriving art scene that makes Athens an artistically stimulating destination.

Market to Plate - Cooking Experience
Spend a day discovering what Greek gastronomy is all about. Delve into Athens’ vibrant and colorful central food market, explore Greek culinary traditions and learn all about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet! End this flavorful experience by actively participating in the preparation of a delicious 4-course meal, and enjoying it in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

Tasting Athens Walking Tour
Explore the streets and authentic food stores of Athens on a journey through Athens’ pulsating culinary scene. Discover the everyday routine of local merchants and become part of a food artisan’s life for a day as you sample delicacies that have formed Greek traditional menus for hundreds of years. One thing is for sure: as you stroll through the city’s central food market you’ll discover what Greek gastronomy is all about!

Nafplio - A Lively & Charming Seaside Town
The first capital of Greece between 1823 and 1834, Nafplio is a charming combination of medieval and neoclassical characteristics. It is considered one of the most romantic towns in Greece with its small port below the towering Palamidi fortress, its narrow streets and elegant Venetian houses contribute to its old-world charm and dreamy ambience.

Things To Do Around Nafplio

Mycenae Tour
Drive along the beautiful Saronic Gulf and into the Peloponnese to the atmospheric hilltop ruins of ancient Mycenae. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mycenae was once a major center of Greek civilization and a military stronghold that dominated much of southern Greece. This fortified city dates back to the 2nd century BC, and is home to the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon. As you cross the threshold of the Lion’s Gate, you’ll enter the Mycenaean realm in all its glory and embark on a journey into one of the richest and most prominent cities of the Late Bronze Age.

Nemea Winery Tour  
Visit some of southern Greece's most renowned wineries. Learn about indigenous grape varieties, taste some of the region’s wonderful wines, and discover how the tradition of wine making has been passed down from generation to generation.

Epidauros Tour  
Among the greatest monuments of Greek Antiquity, the famous Theater of Epidaurus is among the finest and most renowned theaters of its kind. With a capacity of almost 14,000 spectators, the magnificent theater combines perfect acoustics with elegance and symmetrical proportions. Stand on the stage that has hosted plays by famous ancient playwrights such as Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus. Learn about the secrets of this architectural masterpiece that’s still used today to host one of Greece’s most well-known summer festivals, and prepare to be captivated by the powerful ambiance of this incredible site.

Pylos - A Picturesque & Historical Town
Also known by its Italian name of Navarino, and its French name of Port-de-Jonc (‘Rush Harbor’), Pylos is a town located on the south-western tip of the Peloponnese. The beautiful town retains its charming old quarter to this day, a setting that is even more enhanced by a fascinating panoramic view of the Bay of Navarino. When visiting Pylos, you’ll definitely be rewarded by the area’s striking natural beauty and significant history that dates back to Neolithic times.

Things To Do Around Pylos
Olympia Tour  
The site of Ancient Olympia, famous as the birth-place of the Olympic Games, is located in the lush valley of the Alpheios River in southern Greece. Inhabited since pre-historic times, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was dedicated to Zeus, father of the gods. Walk on the same ground that has been graced by thousands of athletes past and present, and visit the original Olympic stadium and its facilities. Both a religious and athletic center of ancient Greece, this site will surely inspire you to strive for greatness.

Arachova - A Lovely & Lively Mountain Town 
Arachova is a quaint town located on the rocky slopes of Mt. Parnassos. Its cobblestone streets, stone houses, and stunning mountain views make it a trendy destination for Greeks and foreigners alike. You’ll definitely enjoy Arachova’s authenticity, elegant shops and boutiques, and of course its excellent selection of traditional Greek tavernas that are scattered across town. Just a stone’s throw away from the impressive site of ancient Delphi, Arachova serves as a perfect starting point to discover this fascinating region of Greece.

Things To Do Around Arachova

Thermopylae Tour
Visit Thermopylae, the famous historical site where Persian King Xerxes defeated King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 heroic men. Many Hollywood movies have been inspired by the events of the Battle of Thermopylae and to this day the memorial at Thermopylae remains a symbol for Greek loyalty and bravery.

Osios Lucas Tour  
Discover the Monastery of Osios Lucas, an impressive monastic complex located a short drive from Delphi. This monastic complex is among the most significant in Greece because of its beautiful natural setting and impressive medieval architecture.

Delphi Tour  
Surrounded by the beautiful forests of Mt. Parnassus, Delphi is one of the most famous and significant remains of ancient Greece. Today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi was most famous for being a sanctuary of the Delphic Oracle, which was consulted on important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. As you walk through this extraordinary archaeological site, the captivating myths and legends of ancient Greece will become revived right before your eyes!

Athens Riviera - The Perfect Setting For An Ancient Temple
At the heart of every country is its capital city, whose splendor and brilliance shines like a crown upon a King’s head. Athens is a fascinating capital city with Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon standing proudly over its glistening Riviera.

Things To Do Around The Athens Riviera

Cape Sounio & Temple of Poseidon Tour
A testament to ancient Greek architecture, the Temple of Poseidon crowns the cliffs at Cape Sounio at the southernmost tip of the Athenian Riviera. As you learn about the history and stories that surround this ancient site, you will also relish in the incredible natural beauty of its unique location!

Athens Riviera Sailing Trip  
Discover Athens from the sea as this unique and luxurious experience takes you along one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful coastlines. As you sail along the enchanting Athenian Riviera, relish in the spectacular landscapes, striking views, and crystal clear water while getting to know the lesser-known side of the Greek capital.

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