4 Greek Islands To Visit In The Fall

March 23, 2018
Visit Greece in the fall and you’ll be pleasantly surprised; the crowds are thinner, the weather is cooler, and the strong Cycladic winds have calmed down! Beautiful, serene, and blissfully warm - this is Greece in the fall. These four islands are particularly stunning during the fall months and we're sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

1. Romantic Santorini 
Best ForRomantic Travelers

Its dramatic red and black sand beaches, narrow white alleys, exquisite traditional and international cuisine, as well as its agricultural and wine-making traditions, combine to make Santorini a truly spectacular island. Visit during the fall and you’ll be able to discover the sophisticated, relaxed, and authentic character of the island, away from the masses of guests that visit Santorini during the high season!

True Trips Recommended Hotel: Mystique Luxury Collection

Hotel Vibe: Elegant and authentic – masterfully combining unique Santorini flavors with its spectacular location.

2. Refined Spetses 

Best For
Relaxation Seekers

This small island, just off the Greek mainland, has been attracting affluent Athenians and foreigners who seek a sophisticated and relaxing holiday for years. Cars are prohibited in most parts of the island and the main means of transportation are bicycles, horse drawn carriages, and taxi boats–a fact that enhances Spetses’ laid back and relaxed vibe!

True Trips Recommended Hotel: Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Hotel Vibe: The Poseidonion Grand Hotel represents the cosmopolitan charm of Spetses in a classy and elegant setting.

3. Extraordinary Crete 

Best For
Adventure Enthusiasts

Crete is one of the world’s premier destinations because its more that an island­–it’s a world unto itself. Both its natural and human history have formed Crete into a distinctive island that has drawn millions of visitors over the years. Crete’s diverse landscapes that transform from season to season afford the island with spectacular scenery all year round!

True Trips Recommended Hotel: Rimondi Estate

Hotel Vibe: Serene and romantic atmosphere in a Renaissance settlement filled with the scents and colors of Rethymno.

4. Famous Rhodes 

Best For
Wonderers and Explorers

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is famed just as much for its beautiful landscapes and beaches, as it is for its history and medieval architecture. Although Rhodes’ history is evident throughout the island, it is the island’s beauty and hospitable locals that has attracted travelers for centuries. The Old Town of Rhodes, the ancient settlement of Lindos, and the wonderful green forest are just a few reasons why Rhodes is an ideal destination for a fall vacation full of discovery!

True Trips Recommended Hotel: Melenos Lindos

Hotel Vibe: Rustic yet warm with a friendly atmosphere.

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