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Ultimate True Spain

Seville Granada Spain - Ultimate Spain Vacation Package

Spain is known for its beauty, historical landmarks, and romantic setting, but it takes a truly special place to be selected as our True Spain Ultimate Experience. We believe that the area of Andalusia and the cities of Granada and Seville can offer guests an “Ultimate True Spain Experience” – as it encompasses all the qualities we want our guests to experience - dedication to luxury, authenticity, and personalized service.

Granada and Seville are the prime examples of flourishing, romantic Spanish cities. Stop by a cafe in Seville to enjoy the view of the Guadalquivir River, or explore the famous Alhambra palace city in Granada. Whether you are looking to learn about the history of bullfighting in Seville or to dance flamenco in Granada (or both!), Granada and Seville will certainly enchant you and surpass your expectations.

Your Spain vacation package will include luxury boutique hotels in the spellbinding regions of Seville and Granada – leaving you with the unique opportunity to take-in the alluring Mediterranean sun and soft sea breeze. At True Spain we are extremely careful when selecting our affiliates and only work with and trust affiliates that have proven to deliver the quality of service we want our guests to experience. Your True Spain vacation package therefore includes the best hotels in Granada and Seville, ensuring that you have the vacation you deserve!

Allow True Spain to plan your Ultimate True Spain Experience to Granada & Seville. We will provide you with a complete itinerary including a stop in the wonderful region of Andalusia.

Include Granada and Seville in an Ultimate True Spain Customized Trip

Please complete our True Spain Customized Trip Questionnaire - making sure to include Granada and Seville in your Vacation Preferences. The beauty of the location, exquisite ambiance and superior hospitality of the carefully selected luxurious boutique hotels will certainly provide an Ultimate True Spain Experience that offers relaxation, luxury, authenticity, and style.

Let True Spain do what we do best – listen to our guests and work with them one-on-one to create a once in a lifetime experience that flows to perfection! We take the stress out of travelling by having all the details for your tour in Spain planned in advance. Our knowledgeable concierges will assist you from the moment you arrive in Spain, until the moment that you depart, ensuring an “Ultimate True Spain Experience”.

To review a sample trip that includes Granada and Seville, take a look at our True Spain Suggestions: TrueElegance, TrueAntiquity, TrueDiscovery, and TrueIndulgence. Of course, we can include other destinations to your trip based on your preferences. Do let us know in your customized trip questionnaire!