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Belmond Reid's Palace Madeira

Belmond Reid's Palace

  • Location: Madeira
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
  • Average Rating: 8.7/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  4   What's This?


Standing on a cliff, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Belmond Reid’s Palace appears like a polished gem amidst a harsh landscape. Over the years, this luxurious 5-star resort has hosted many celebrities and renowned personalities in its suites, such as George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill. Well-known for its high-quality service and lavish facilities, Belmond Reid’s Palace gives its guests an unforgettable experience that showcases Madeira at its best. Taste the local cuisine at the Michelin star awarded William restaurant or indulge yourself with one of the hotel’s spa treatments while enjoying the phenomenal views of the ocean. Time stops at Belmond Reid’s Palace, giving you the opportunity to unwind in a breathtaking scenery.