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Sun City Camp Wadi Rum

Sun City Camp

  • Location: Wadi Rum
  • Hotel Type: Glamping
  • Hotel Style: Authentic
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Gaze straight up at the stars from the comfort of your own bed! First among the camps in the Wadi Rum to use the Martian Domes that feature a large panoramic window, the Sun City camp offers a relaxing, serene and a truly spiritual experience. The simple yet charming and beautiful Bedouin lifestyle can be enjoyed in true luxury – whether you prefer to stay in the modern Martian Domes or the traditional Bedouin tents, you will experience high standards of service, authentic Bedouin cuisine and significant amenities. The tents are fully air-conditioned, with private bathrooms/restrooms and small porches in order to enjoy the magnificent views. The Sun City Camp is also one of the few camp sites to offer Wi-Fi service for those that do not wish to disconnect. The Sun City Camp will offer an authentic glamping experience that will certainly remain unforgettable!