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Movenpick Resort Petra Petra

Movenpick Resort Petra

  • Location: Petra
  • Hotel Type: Resort
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary
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Ideal for visitors looking to explore the ancient city of Petra, the Movenpick Resort is conveniently located opposite the entrance of one of the world’s most unique destinations and extraordinary archaeological sites. Designed with an oriental feel, using natural stone, handcrafted wood, Middle Eastern fabrics, furniture and fixtures, the 183 rooms and suites, provide authentic and comfortable accommodations, enveloping guests in the authentic atmosphere and easing them into the local culture and lifestyle. Marvel at the views over the Great Rift Valley from the Al Ghadeer Roof Garden, relax at the pool, rejuvenate at the wellness center, or delve further into the local culture by sampling the local cuisine at one of the many hotel dining options.