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W Amman Amman

W Amman

  • Location: Amman
  • Hotel Type: City
  • Hotel Style: Design
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The W hotels throughout the world are associated with artistic panache, bold design, lively colors and imaginative architectural styles. The W Amman will not disappoint, enter the hotel through a modern representation of “The Siq” inspired by the ancient city of Petra and be greeted by a fashionable mix of contemporary and authentic Middle Eastern decoration. The 280 guest Rooms & Suites offer cutting edge design with cool colors and sharp lines, complimented by the wonderful views of the city skyline. The buzz, thrill and overall exciting atmosphere can only be amped by the rocking and vibrant on-site restaurants and bars of the W hotel. Located in the heart of the most trendy and upcoming neighborhood of Amman, the W will surely lift your spirits and stimulate your energy.