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Things to Know
Verona is known to many as the setting where the story of Romeo and Juliet took place and, while its fictional charm is alluring in and of itself, the beautiful Italian town on the Adige River is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its long history and its remarkably well-preserved examples of Roman and Renaissance architecture. Verona’s mild climate further adds to its appeal and allows its visitors to relax and enjoy its sights no matter the time of year.
Things to See
Verona Arena
An enormous and immaculately preserved Roman amphitheater. From June to September, it hosts the Arena Opera Festival that includes a number of famous operas.
Museo di Castelvecchio
Castelvecchio was the most important military stronghold of the Scaliger dynasty that ruled Verona during the Middle Ages. Today, it is home to a museum that houses a fine collection of artworks and armaments.
Ponte Pietra
Also known as the Pons Marmoreus, Ponte Pietra is a Roman arch bridge that crosses Adige River built in white and pink stone. One of the most photographed locations in Verona.
Basilica of San Zeno
The finest church in Verona and an excellent example of Romanesque architecture. Discover its magnificent bronze doors and a beautiful interior decorated with Renaissance art.
Casa di Giulietta Museum
The 13th century home of the Cappelo family has been converted into a museum dedicated to the mythos of Romeo and Juliet that includes Juliet’s famous balcony.
Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti
Situated in the shadow of the Torre dei Lamberti, the Romanesque Palazzo della Ragione is home to Verona’s impressive Gallery of Modern Art. The gallery’s collection of paintings and sculptures spans from 1840 to 1940.
Things to Do
Verona’s most famous and beautiful square is located near many of the city’s main attractions and features some exquisite architecture including the elegant Palazzo Maffei, the impressive Torre dei Lamberti, and the old fountain with the statue of Madonna Verona.
On the left bank of the Adige River you will find the picturesque area of Veronetta. Explore the magnificent 16th century Giusti Garden and then walk through Via Venti Settembre, dotted with beautifully conserved 19th century town houses. Veronetta is an excellent place to escape the crowds and savor traditional food at affordable prices.
Verona’s main shopping street is located near the historic center and it offers a wide selection of shops featuring anything from mainstream to luxury international brands as well as some high-end Italian shops selling unique and creatively designed apparel.