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Ca’ Pisani Dorsoduro

Ca’ Pisani

  • Location: Dorsoduro
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Design
  • Average Rating: 9/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  5   What's This?


Located in the heart of Venice’s Dorsoduro district, the Ca’ Pisani hotel was the first design hotel of area. After its renovation was completed in 2000, it seemed like a new hotel emerged in the city. The luxurious boutique hotel Ca’ Pisani has established itself as one of the most artistic and uniquely designed hotels in the area.

Blending the well-known Venetian architecture with the Art Deco design style of the 1930s and 1940s, this luxurious boutique hotel manages to match elegance with comfort. The building was originally a Venetian Palace of the 14th century that has remained untouched, while the interior has been decorated with unmatched attention to detail. From the reception counter and the lift to the polished marble bathrooms, the luxury Ca’ Pisani hotel will impress even the most demanding guest.

The Vibe

Arty and elegant, chic and luxurious, comfortable and friendly, centrally located and yet away from the crowds. The Ca’ Pisani is a true design boutique hotel with great attention to the craftsmanship of even the smallest detail.

The Highlight

The hotel houses artwork of Fortunato Depero, a prominent Italian futurist, as well as work from other 20th century artists. The hotel periodically holds exhibitions in Salone Nobile on its first floor.

The TrueTrips Tip

Enjoy local delicacies in the Wine & Cheese Bar La Rivista. It shares the impressive Art Deco & Futuristic design of the Ca’ Pisani hotel and offers an outdoor seating area from where you can watch the crowds pass by.