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Portrait Roma Spanish Steps

Portrait Roma

  • Location: Spanish Steps
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary
  • Average Rating: 10/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  2   What's This?


A luxury boutique hotel – in the true sense of the word – set in the center of the most exclusive shopping district of Rome and very close to the Spanish Steps, the Portrait Roma and its staff will ensure that you are treated as nothing short of a Roman Emperor. Focusing on an exclusive concept of bespoke holidays, this elegant and small hotel will ensure that you enjoy your time in the Italian capital in an environment of luxury and privacy. All suites of the Portrait Roma have been designed emphasizing a 1950s design, while their luxurious amenities add a special feel to a tailor-made experience that is centered on predicting every need of the hotel’s cherished guests.

The Vibe

Stylish, elegant and home-like. Resembles having your own private, modern-feel residence in the perfect location in the heart of historic Rome.

The Highlight

The rooftop terrace with the constantly burning fireplace that offers amazing views over the Spanish Steps. Enjoy your breakfast, or an evening cocktail after a day full of shopping and sightseeing.

The TrueTrips Tip

Do not hesitate to rely on the hotel’s Lifestyle Team. They are there to help you create your most memorable experiences in Rome. They can arrange anything, from making sure that your suite is to your exact liking to dinner reservations in Rome’s best restaurants.