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La Posta Vecchia Hotel Rome Countryside

La Posta Vecchia Hotel

  • Location: Rome Countryside
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic/Authentic
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La Posta Vecchia Hotel gleams brightly on the outskirts of the cosmopolitan city of Rome, while its alluring presence, attracts those who look for a cultured escape with the company of refined art. Surrounded by vibrant greenery and caressed by the striking blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, this magnificent boutique hotel is located 24 miles within Rome’s countryside and has welcomed significant personalities; from Roman imperators to the famous J Paul Getty, who eventually made it his home. He decorated La Posta Vecchia Hotel with priceless Italian art and is often described as a living museum, while its guests can also marvel at 2nd century ruins of the villa’s foundations, located right at the heart of the property. Approaching the elegant rooms and suites, an amalgamation of baroque elements and the ethereal sea views, absorb the guests’ thoughts and bind them under a spell of complete serenity. Enjoy tasteful dishes that highlight the Italian’s cuisine captivating flavors, at The Cesar restaurant, while a visit to the LPV Health & Beauty Club, guarantees a restoration of mind, body and soul. Ensure that your La Posta Vecchia Hotel experience becomes exceptional by relishing the crystal-clear waters of its private beach for the perfect getaway.