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Hotel de Russie Spanish Steps

  • Location: Spanish Steps
  • Hotel Type: City
  • Hotel Style: Classic / Contemporary
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The luxury five-star Hotel de Russie is located right in the center of Rome. The Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, two of Rome’s most well-known landmarks, are located in a short distance from the hotel, while fashion lovers can enjoy strolling through the city’s fashion district which is close by. Guests will be amazed by the beautiful interior of this lavish hotel, as well as its elegant rooms that combine a classic design with small touches of contemporary art. Enjoy a walk around Hotel de Russie’s secret garden and embrace the privacy and tranquility of the setting. Those who wish to sample the world famous Italian cuisine, will be taken on a culinary journey by the restaurant of the hotel, where traditional Italian tastes meet international flavors. Visit the luxurious Hotel de Russie in the heart of Italy’s capital and live an unforgettable experience.

The Vibe

Lively yet tranquil. It is the place where old seamlessly meets new to create a unique result of stylish elegance and luxury.

The Highlight

The Jardin de Russie is a fine Italian restaurant located in the beautiful Secret Garden of the hotel and offers simple yet refined dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

The TrueTrips Tip

Enjoy a magnificent signature cocktail at the award-winning Stravinskij Bar, which is also a favorite meeting point for affluent Romans.