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Castel Monastero Tuscany

Castel Monastero

  • Location: Tuscany
  • Hotel Type: Resort
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary
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Nestled in the tranquil, quiet and peaceful hills near Siena, the Castel Monastero was initially built as a monastery back in the 11th century. Coveted for its wonderful location and beauty it was purchased by the noble Chigi family and converted into a castle to be used as the family’s country residence. Today the Castel Monastero is a luxury resort allowing guests to experience truly authentic Tuscan life in absolute luxury. Pass through the stone walls that once protected this ancient hamlet from invaders, and walk into the past - marvel at medieval frescoes, splendid buildings and the superb central square, with its cafe, restaurant and even a little church. Look outside your room window and enjoy the rolling Tuscan hills, vineyards and woods – you are truly in the most beautiful part of Italy.