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Hotel Corona d Oro Bologna

Hotel Corona d Oro

  • Location: Bologna
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
  • Average Rating: 8/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  1   What's This?


Belonging to one of the most powerful families in Bologna at the time (Azzoguidi), construction of the building was completed in the 13th century. Restored over the centuries numerous times in order to maintain its authenticity and history the hotel maintains much of the original stone work and art. The 40 rooms have been intricately decorated in a classic style and meticulously maintain the balance between old and new – oil paintings, lavish paneled ceilings, renaissance frescos and glamorous furnishings adorn the rooms. A sophisticated ambiance characterizes the hotel with a calm yet exciting ambiance, which exudes luxury, quality and stylish service. The Hotel Corona d Oro is a gateway to the wonderful city of Bologna, allowing visitors to explore in comfort and style.